Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To: Felt Ghost Bunting

When I first started this blog, my intention was only share tidbits of my family life, with a side of eco-conciousness. Soon the sewing bug bit me and I was sharing what I created and then not long after that I was creating my own tutorials. Not many at first but then Valentine's Day came along and I was so inspired that I went a little mad with the tutorials. Well, that same spirit has inspired me two years later for Halloween and again I cannot wait to share with you what I have created/am creating.

I absolutely adore this felt ghost bunting. It came together in just a couple hours. Cutting out the ghosts took the longest. I hung it up to see if it worked for me and it looked so good I left it up waiting for Halloween. 

White felt (Enough for nine ghosts)
9 eyeets (I used back and metal finish)
Sharpie marker (Black)
Jute twine
Orange ribbon
Embroidery thread

Modus Operandi

Step 1: Cut pieces. I traced a Wilton cookie cutter as a pattern.

Step 2: Set eyelet in front piece of felt.

Step 3: Sew around perimeter of ghost, leave opening for stuffing. Stuff and sew closed.

Step 4: Add eyes with Sharpie marker.

Step 5: Braid three pieces of twine either with the orange ribbon, or wrap ribbon around the braided twine like I did.

Step 6: Use coordinating embroidery thread to attach ghosts to twine at fairly equal intervals. Make sure to thread through just the back piece of ghost.

And voila! You have the most adorable bunting with just a side of spooky!

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-tutorial. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I promise to answer as soon as possible! I have plenty more Halloween projects, but the weather has turned wet and dreary these past couple days, so photos are on hold.  But, until then you can always check out my Halloween tag for past posts about Wednesday's costumes and delicious baking. And here is a vinatge-esque Halloween garland with printable sheets to keep your hands busy.

Wednesday on Wednesday

The joys of a dress up chest are just as great for a mama watching as they are for a little girl imagining.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

Wow! It sure has been awhile! Big changes have been going on in The Sweet Home.

This little girl started school! This is Wednesday waiting for the bus on her first day. I cried on and off all day, it was a roller coaster of a day. I have since found a nice balance of homemaking and housework that changes depending on Wednesday's attendance.

Serious homemaking has been happening. Expect some fabulous Halloween tutorials and printables over the next couple weeks.

My Storage Geek blog hit 12,000 followers yesterday! Pretty amazing so I'm working on how to develop a website with a way or three to generate some income. But for now it is an ad free, amazing collection of DIY, design and storage with a side of gardening. If you would like to view it in your Google Reader this is the link to add.
 Finally, sometime over the next couple months (Depending on how busy I get with the holidays.) Until Wednesday calls will become The Sweet Home Companion. I am so excited about the changes. I think it will really help me streamline the momma-crafter-entrepreneur in me. So stick around and wish me luck!