Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday (or Thursday)

I must have done something right in a former life because this week has been AMAZING for weather. I have been outside almost all week (Hence the lack of online presence.) Today Wednesday asked if she get crafty, I thought what a great idea! I brought all the paints outside, set up her easel and let her get to it. What a great way to spend the morning, watching my little one create in the fresh air and sunshine!

The Wednesday on Wednesday feature helps me not only share with you the reader bits and pieces from Wednesday's growth and development, but also helps keep me blogging, no matter how much craft/word content comes with it. I have some ideas for blog posts coming soon and a long over due review of the spring issue of Nuno titled Rustle. I'm also knee deep in Storage Geek stuff and sewing up a storm. Hope you guys have had weather just as nice and days just as productive! ♥M