Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Top Week Contest Entry

I have never entered a contest of skill before. Giveaways sure, I have even won a few of those but a contest dependent on my abilities, not a chance. I am rarely confident enough in my skills to compete. Although I did win a photo contest once but I think that was pure odds. Regardless! I am entering a contest now. Made By Rae's Spring Top Week Contest. And I am so excited. I actually think I have a chance. With this little number:

Front View

Rarely do you see me in something strapless, having a small chest I normally like to pretend I have more but I could not resist trying this one out. And I love it! I was inspired by the leftover material from my bubble skirt but I did not have enough to do what I wanted to do so I waited. And then I had the idea to make this. For once, having a small chest did me a favour.

Back ViewSideview

The pillowcase was found a couple months ago on a thrifting trip. And after I realized the only seam I had to take apart was the bottom seam I was super happy. I turned the pillowcase inside out and folded the scalloped edge out so that the embroidery face out. I then three-step-zig-zagged elastic underneath it, out of sight. To hide the one seam that was now showing I sewed pink bias tape over it and then lace over that to soften it up. It looked a little too 'athletic stripe' for me.

That was it. Oh yeah, and I had to cut a few inches off because as small as my chest is, my hips don't lie lol. I did a rolled hem and double stitched it. Turned out great!

Embroidery Detail

I am pleased as punch with both the shirt and my execution. (it looks exactly like I pictured it!) I think it really does stand a chance. I also think I shouldn't wait any longer to enter it. The contest closes tonight at 8pm eastern time.