Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Rockin' Robin 'Cause You're Really Gonna Rock Tonight!

Here is my answer to the stuffed form + reverse applique challenge. I would like to go on record to say this was not my initial idea. I even got as far as sewing and turning my original idea but when it came time to stuff it, it wasn't working for me. I'll fix it up and turn it into a door stop (it was initially supposed to be one of two bookends!) not so much a craft fail, but not a craft A+ by any means.

Pin cushion with pins

So, after I was mid week on this challenge and scrapping my initial attempt I was almost panicking. I thought no biggie I can create one of the gorgeous pillows I posted about recently. Alas, not one of those beautiful cushions had a reverse applique detail. Well crap. What now? And while I was in the elevator, bringing up my laundry it hit me! A pin cushion. With a bird silhouette! And I set to work finding just the right silhouette. Then I found the perfect fabric to back it! (That yellow vintage bed sheet shows up at the most opportune times!) I will admit, I did have trouble with the yellow sides. I am going to have to look up some tutorials on box cushions. Mine is good, but it could be better you know? But, that is it and I really like it.

Coasters? Crap. That was my idea too wasn't it? But, I had been bit by the bird silhouette bug and these came together in about an hour. I know that because I was literally sewing the last stitches on the last coaster when Wednesday woke from her nap.

Denim Coaster Collage

I found the three birdie images @ The Paper Seed through a Google search for bird silhouette clip art. But needing a fourth image I searched for like, another twenty minutes for just the right one finally settling on the kiwi bird! I love it, I think it is a most whimsical addition to the group.

I had a time trying to figure out what I wanted to back them with being blue denim it was tricky finding some super fab contrasting fabric. But, lo and behold I found a couple fat quarters at the bottom of my stash that I had nearly forgotten about! Remember the bean bags I made last summer? Funnily enough they were also a reverse applique project (My first ever!)and I used three out of the four fat quarters I bought. Turned out wonderfully though. I did not create a case for them because well, cases are tedious and if I have one hand on a drink, than I haven't two for coaster removal now do I?

So there you have it. Week three done. Are you having as much fun as I am? Seriously, this is awesome. Do you have proof of your fun? Ready to submit your filled form/coaster challenge? You can do so three ways. You can email them to myself or The Sewing Dork thorough our blogs (I have a button in my sidebar.)-or- you can leave a comment with a link to your blog post about it -or- you can upload your photos to the Sewing Dork Flickr Pool. Just an FYI, this seems to be the favourite way to share submissions, since everyone (readers and participants) can browse through your projects.