Monday, June 4, 2012

Recycled Leather Ruffle Skirt

One more entry into The Crafterhours Skirt Week 2012 contest. This time, it is something for mama! I am so excited to share this with you!

Recycled Leather Skirt Front
Two solid days of cutting and sewing were rewarded with this little number. 

Recycled Leather Skirt Back Ruffles 
I was tempted to call it the 'Mullet Skirt' because it is "Business up front and party in the back." I love the simple colour blocking in the front and the feminine ruffles at the back.

Hard to believe this is how the skirt began. I have been hoarding saving these two jackets for some time now. At first I was going to make a handbag (or three) but I think they were put to much better use don't you?

When I began the skirt, I just took pieces of the jackets and clipped them to each other with alligator clips on my sewing dummy. I was going to do a sort of peplum detail at the front but I haven't the knowledge or skill set to make it work. I'm glad I didn't push it.

This (the yoke/shoulders of the black jacket)was originally going to be the front, but it had too much of a 'western' look to it.  After it was sewn down I realized two well placed darts would have worked well, but because I didn't do them I was able to reverse the skirt. The points fit perfectly at the back.

I broke three or four needles gathering these ruffles by hand.

So worth it though. I love the ruffle detail!

The last thing I did was peel apart the red leather to get a piece thin enough to cover a button. I sewed it at the top of the invisible zipper fly and snap (I cannot stand a zipper flap that won't stay closed at the very top!)
Business up front.

Party in the back.

♥ I can't wait for Captain Awesome to take me out to dinner in this! Thanks for looking! Wish me luck! ♥