Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sleep Like a Camel

Well, last night was night number three of no more bottles for my no longer a baby. It started off pretty good with Wednesday waking late for her usual ten pm bottle. She woke at eleven and went back to sleep in less than five minutes. I thought great! Now if the rest of the night could go this smoothly we would be rockin'!

Well, it went...even better! Yes ladies and gentlemen, Wednesday slept for seven and a half hours straight! And I slept just as long, not waking halfway through the night wondering why she hasn't woke up yet. We both woke refreshed and rested. I even woke at six am and waited a full hour for her to wake at seven am.

I am so happy. I am not expecting to happen two nights in a row this soon but I tell you it is one heck of a welcome reprieve from the hourly wakings of the past year.

Now, Wednesday is asking me to go to the park every thirty seconds and since it is the coolest day in a week I am obliged to take her. We'll talk soon folks.


In celebration of a good nights sleep, instead of a picture of Wednesday sleeping, here is a pic of her from this morning, bare butted and bed headed just the way I love her!