Monday, January 17, 2011

My Crafty Weekend

Happy Monday Crafties! I hope your weekend was wonderful. We have mixed reviews from here at Wednesday Central. I threw my neck out, The Mister came down with something on his birthday and yet we rounded out the week(end) with a small dinner with close family. Whew, wish we had had more energy (and less pain) to celebrate but I think The Mister had a good birthday. I was the wrangler/cook/baker of the festivities so I hadn't time for pictures but I might be able to wrangle up one or two this week.
I wish I had a picture of the banana cream pie I made (The birthday boy`s request) and it was amazing. Amazing. I'll be making another soon complete with recipe. Mmmm pie.

You creations last week were wonderful! The following are just a sample, don't forget to visit your fellow bloggers and leave a note of encouragement.

I absolutely adore this faux stained glass plastic Christmas jar turned apothecary jar done by Erin of Luck & Bliss. Seriously, it is so easy, so clever and so cute it almost hurts. For the full how to and a hard-to-believe before pic visit this post at her blog.

The talented seamstress Donna of Comin' Home shows you how to create a lovely three paneled shower curtain with French seams. To see how to make your own, visit the tutorial.

And before you think that I forgotten Valentine's Day is coming up here is a great piece of word art by Bonnie of Somewhere in Craftland. I love the creativity behind finding letters around the home. I think I might even be able to make one of these for The Mister with my limited craft space. To make one yourself visit her blog.

And now it is your turn again lovelies! Did you bake anything this weekend? Sew? Scrapbook? Paint? Show us what you have created recently (Or not so if you are new) and don't forget to visit the link before yours to leave a note of encouragement!