Monday, October 25, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Black and White Edition

Monday Monday ... La la, la la la la la...To be honest, Monday has always been one of my favourite days. Don't get me wrong, I love the weekend and all it's sleeping in glory but when I was the working nine to five sort, Monday wasn't half bad. The way I saw it was Tuesday was the real day to be loathed. After all it was the furthest from the weekend. I always found the Mondays were so busy at work that they flew by too fast to get grumpy about them. Nothing good ever came of a Tuesday in my book.

You know what else is awesome about Monday? My crafty weekend of course! And I have been a crafty little minx I have! I finished one of my Sew What! Holidays challenges and seriously, I could not be more pleased with it! But due to the hiatus I cannot share with you photos or the how to. But,here is a teaser photo!

I have also been working on some card designs. I love paper craft I do. In a couple short weeks I will have all of my paper crafting supplies at my finger tips and let me tell you that has me giddy with anticipation!
But you guys have been crafting up a storm! It is getting harder and harder to pick which projects to feature so starting next week, I am going to showcase the links that received the most clicks. But that is next week. Today, I'll show you a couple I loved from last week!

This autumnal collage was made by the ever talented KJ of Let's Go Fly A Kite. This project is great for both it's simplicity and adaptability. Picture this changing with each holiday, I am sure Martha has enough punches to facilitate the undertaking.

 I love to bake. The Mister loves that I love to bake, especially when I make peanut butter cookies. So when I read that these are apple peanut butter cookies I had to visit Patty of Life on the Ridge Side. I am making these tomorrow, no ifs and or buts about it! If you want to you can get the recipe here at her blog.

Have you visited Nancy's Couture yet? If you haven't then you have missed a great tutorial on making a body double of your wee one. While she does hers with Saran Wrap, I might be inclined to recommend a turtle neck (only because the heat/sweat factor of a non breathable material like plastic wrap or garbage bags). But her idea to fill it with foam? Brilliant. Check out the whole how to here at her blog.

Ready to show me all the fantastic things you have been painting, knitting, roasting, gluing and sewing and all the all crafty -ings! Remember, the golden rule: visit the link before you and leave a note of encouragement! And with that I am off to finish what I started last night! Happy Monday folks!