Thursday, August 12, 2010

Proactive Crafting Meets Proactive Publishing = Nuno Magazine

Just about a year ago, I came across this post via Wardrobe Refashion and I began following Elizabeth Abernathy's blog  (formerly known as Absynthe & Orange). I have been reading her blog full of retro crafts from scanned pages of vintage magazines, great refashion tutorials like this gorgeous Obi Style belt and features of indy crafters. Elizabeth's blog (Now a website.) has always had a very cool aesthetic, you know like that hip artist that you don't think you're hip enough to talk to? You know the sort I mean. But instead, she is a generous crafter with a passion for both creating and repurposing.

Enter Nuno Magazine. This proactive crafter has gone the extra mile and published the first edition of a brilliant magazine. The first issue is aptly named Forest (for the inspiration and materials it gives) and it is part e-book, part craft magazine and all awesome this E-zine is a whopping 150 ad free pages! Full of gorgeous photography, ideas and instructions for execution of thirty projects Nuno magazine delivers a feast for the eyes and the idea books(Seriously, you'll want to get out your scratchpad for this). And for a mere five USD this wonderful E-zine can be yours!

For your hard earned five dollars you get wonderful how to's for projects like;

These wonderful puppets made from natural and repurposed materials. (This was the project that convinced me to buy the issue.)

This knitted fern pillow makes me wish I could knit. Seriously, I love it so much I might pay someone to knit it for me.

And seriously, woolen rock rings. That is all I am saying because I really want you to buy this issue.

The magazine is a collaborative effort between Elizabeth and her sister and her husband and their efforts are much appreciated. And I am already looking forward to the next issue!

If you would like a sneak peak at some of the projects you can visit the Nuno magazine website or check out a twenty page preview that is also good for three complete projects with photos, instructions and patterns. So if you can't spare the fiver, you can at least get a taste of what you're missing. But, I think that five dollars is a small price to pay to help support both independent publications and a fellow eco friendly crafter.

So get out your toilet paper rolls and wool sweaters, go for a gorgeous summer day walk and collect some pretty pebbles and sit down with this magazine and a mug of your favourite fair trade-shade grown-organic coffee and be inspired by both the forest and Elizabeth Abernathy.