Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bundt it's so fun!

A couple of weeks ago my mother in law told me I was baking the cake for her 57th birthday. But she didn't want chocolate (so much for the Ovarian Chocolate cake; more on that in another post) and she is lactose intolerant of which I am constantly lecturing her about her food choices. So I began looking for a mostly dairy free recipe with little to no frosting (Mostly because I don't like icing sugar type frostings.) I found this recipe though and it turned out awesome, the bundt shape added some wow factor so that I did not have to rely on a fancy frosting job. T'was my first bundt cake ever and the candied orange peel went over really well. I found it moist enough and the glaze was just right. Definitely more orange than carrot though.

I found this recipe at whose magazine I adore for top notch recipes. It is an Orange Carrot Bundt Cake with an orange sugar glaze and candied orange peel.

Orange Carrot Bundt cake

And just one more picture of awesome. And yes, in case you are wondering, that is my bed in the photo, this time of day my bedroom has the best light in the house so I took advantage of it. :)

Orange Carrot Bundt cake