Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is going on around here?!

Are you as confused as me as to the state of things around here? Sorry for that, I just have some serious moving and shaking going on and this place can get pretty barren when things pick up elsewhere. But! I have been creating a lot lately, having finally found a sort of peace where my studio is concerned. That is another post for another day though. Today I wanted to show you what I have been  up to!

Summer Beach Tote

I made this super hot set for a friend's birthday. It is a beach tote set. I thought it would make the perfect beach accessory because the entire set is made from four PVC coated nylon place mats meaning sand cannot penetrate the fabric. Also, c'mon hot pink at the beach? Yes please! It is lined with a coordinating fabric (a bed sheet turned fabric stash years ago.) With a matching make up size bag and key fob/zipper pull/wristlet handle. I sure hope she likes it!


This little cutie was made from a hoodie the hubby bought me that shrunk on the first washing. (Damn you cotton fleece!) I cut the kangaroo pocket off for another project and then cut around the laptop. Serged the edges (for interest not necessity) and then sewed up the sides. Voila! A great little lap top sleeve for travel. We rarely bring the lap top out and about so this is just what we need for now.


Finally, I have this toy hammock made from a vintage pillowcase. I love it, it helps to corral the ever growing (no matter how I try to curb it) collection of plushies. I know that a branch from my yard, or a painted doweling would be more aesthetically pleasing but I had a curtain rod kicking around, I'll change it up when I find the right branch.

There you have it, I do still create! I have been sewing a bit every day and it feels great! As soon as I stopped waiting for the right light to take tutorial photos, my to do list got smaller! But, I am still going to do tutorials for all three projects I just worked out the kinks ahead of time. (You're welcome.*wink wink*)
I am also creating a website, something to combine my Storage Geek blog with this blog. My Storage geek blog has almost 3000 followers to this ones 352. But I love this one because I can show off my little turtledove Wednesday and I have such wonderful bloggy BFFs here. So I figure if I can combine the two I can find a nice balance of DIY/Mama blog. So stay tuned and thanks for bearing with me!
P.S. Any helpful advice on building and/ore maintaining a website would be most appreciated.