Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Crafty Weekend : Reader Showcase.

Good morning fellow crafties! This edition of my crafty weekend comes to you a day late due to a spur of the moment weekend away to our nation's capital. It was an adventure, I'll be posting about complete with photos tomorrow for Wednesday on Wednesday.

Today though, is My Crafty Weekend, reader showcase. Since I have no finished projects to share, or a tutorial to link up I thought I would show off your creations from last week. We had some seriously great links added!

This gorgeous Denim Disc Tree Mirror was made by fellow Canadian (almost local to me in Kingston, how exciting!) Michelle of Michelle Made Me. I was drawn to it because of the use of recycled denim, (my second favourite material to work with) but after careful inspection of it I just love it. I cannot wait to make my own. You can to by clicking here.

This most adorable lady bug pouch was made by yet another crafty Michelle from Kingston even but WA not ON, this one of Falafel and the Bee. I just love the freehand sewing of the lady bug image don't you? And really, who is not a sucker for polka-dots? Satan maybe. But, if you are not Satan and you would like to make one of your very own super cute lady bug pouches click here for the tutorial.

This absolutely gorgeous number was sewn by KJ of Let's Go Fly a Kite, coincidentally another fellow Ontarian blogger. I just love the fabric don't you? And if you click here, you'll get to see some seriously fabulous robot costumes a la Dad in 1979. Totally worth the click!

And now it is your turn once again folks. Add your links. Show me what you are sketching, sewing, baking, gluing, painting, roasting and/or building. I am hoping to add a new tutorial this afternoon. Until then, I'll add a couple from the archives. Also, I have buttons that would be fabulous to share but don't feel like it is a requirement for playing along. Cheers and happy crafting!