Monday, June 21, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase and Challenge Number Four (And Final Week)

The only submission I have to show off for the pillow/reverse applique challenge is my partner in crime Cynthia The Sewing Dork.

Her submissions for the challenge are nothing short of adorable. I do enjoy the owl on the first pillow. And although she lost me at the blue jersey ruffle, I do enjoy the frayed flower center and she is bang on with her colour combos yes?!

But, through the Sewing Dork Flickr pool I have a couple reader submissions from weeks one and two made by Maekellan.

First up is an adorable skirt, made from a pillowcase. I Love a cute re-use don't you?

The second is a pair of shopping bags for the bag with words challenge. The front shopping bag says "Every Bag Counts" and it is so very true! Awesome stuff. Thank you MaeKellan for sewing along with us!

I hope it wasn't the suggestion of reverse applique that affected your choices to participate. I actually had a couple emails from participants who were excited about the challenge so I assumed it was an o-k challenge?

Well, if that was the case I have good news! This weeks challenge is technique-free! It was like we were reading each other's mind when we concocted this challenge. It should be interesting to see what we come up with, having the exact same but not exact same idea. (Did ya catch that?) That is why I love this Sew Along so much! And, I think Cynthia put it best over at her blog The Sewing Dork, so I am going to copy and paste it here as well.

Carry It.
1. Use your chosen fabric and all the zippers/button/straps you need.
2. Make any kind of carrying device... for your camera, your lunch, your shoes, your children - you name it!
3. Once your project is complete, either email it to [Cynthia] or I, or upload it to my Flickr showcase. Once we have a few photos, we'll show them off on our blogs. [Cynthia] and I will post our finished projects this coming weekend.
4. Be creative, and have fun!