Thursday, October 14, 2010

How To : Denim Tool Roll

As promised, the denim tool roll tutorial! Sorry for taking so long but I swear I have not stopped for the last two weeks! Now, I know there are a lot of crayon roll type tutorials out there, but I didn't use one for this. And really this is probably more simple than a crayon roll because there is not interfacing or seam binding!

Finshed rolled tied 1

1 pair of jeans (Or just the bottom 21" of two legs)
1 piece of fabric 15x20" (This is the canvas I used)
1 yard ribbon/twill tape

Modus Operandi

Cut seams
Cut down the inside seam of two legs cut to twenty one inches.

Square up
Square your leg pieces to the inside seam.

Join pieces
Join pieces. But do this so one small piece meets one big piece. I tried to make it clear with the photo.

Sew pieces
Join pieces with a 3/8" seam.

Press seams flat
Press seams flat.

Sew down seams.
Sew down seams.

Fold and press
Fold and press bottom about a half inch.

Pin canvas piece to top. This should be approx 15x20".

Sew canvas
Sew canvas around sides and top. The bottom needn't be sewn to the denim but feel free to give the canvas a quick hem before pinning. (I cut my piece from the bottom of the curtain to this step was done for me.

turn out
Turn out. Now press the denim sides in to line up with the turned canvas.

Tie strap
Fold up the denim and add your tie strap. I used cotton twill tape. You can pin at this stage but it is a lot of fabric and I find if you go slow, denim doesn't need to be pinned.

Top Stitch perimetre
Sew around the entire perimetre. Don't forget to back stitch a few stitches where the denim meets the canvas.

mark and quilt.
Once you have sewn the perimetre you can either mark with disappearing marker the lines you want to sew along to create the pockets or you can use a quilting guide set to the desired pocket width. I used a marker and marked out two 2.25" pockets on the ends and six 1.75" pockets in the middle. It made it super easy to sew super quick. You can do this in one continuous line starting at the bottom of one end and ending at the top of the other end. Don't forget to back stitch where the denim meets the canvas.

Inside finished
Ta-daaa! Your finished your manly toll roll!

Reverse finished
If you use denim coloured thread in your bobbin, your quilting is barely discernible!

Denim Tool Roll
Now go put your brushes or knitting needles or scissors in it before you change your mind and give it to a deserving man in your life!

I hope you enjoyed this how to! I hope you make your own! I hope you show me yours! I hope you come back for more great projects! Cheers!

Sew What! Holidays Reader Showcase!

Good morning good morning! determined to get stuff done today this is the first of two Sew What! Holidays posts today. This one is the readers showcase and this afternoon there will be a tutorial for the tool roll I made last week. :) Last week the challenge was to create a "Gift for Him" now, let us see what you came up with!
These gorgeous lunch bags were made by my partner in crime Cynthia, The Sewing Dork. The one on your left is for Mr. Dork. The two fabulous Ikea fabric bags are for her. So smart looking! If you would like to make your own fabric lunch bags visit this post at her blog for a tutorial.

Sew What Holiday 2010 - 2

MMm, this hand knit bamboo and wool scarf made by Angela pea of Keeping The faith looks so warm and cozy! I bet her son will love it. Although technically not sewn, it is still a gift handmade with love and totally counts for the Sew What! Holidays sew along. (Maybe next year we'll do a craft along?!) If you would like to knit one yourself you can visit her blog to get the how-to!

Amy Jane made these fabulous pj pants for her boyfriend. She says she is changing out the paw print drawstring but I love it!

Thanks so much for playing along everyone! For those of you that have not submitted projects yet, do not despair. The time time lines are not made of concrete. If you need some extra time take it! We'll show off your stuff the following week (Heck even month if need be!) So get back to those holiday outfits I want to see some sparkle!

For those of you who need a recap on the projects and how to submit them here you go:

Week one : A gift for him *bonus craft: holiday garland
Week two : A holiday Outfit

Week three: A stocking or toy or both!

Week four: An ornament for the tree

The challenges will still be posted a week prior to a showcase for each project on Sundays. And for those of you worried that this bit of Christmas sewing might interfere with your other holiday prep such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, there will be a two week intermission starting October twenty fourth (So everyone has a week prep time for Halloween) and ending November seventh (just in time for American Thanksgiving.)

Also, reader submissions will still be taken by:
  1. Comments with links to blog posts
  2. Emailed photos 
  3. Uploading them to share in the Flickr Sewing Dork Showcase group. It is super fun to browse through all the great ideas and submissions!
I hope that was easy to decipher. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via the button on my sidebar.

For those of you cool cats who would like to share the fabulous button on your blogs and posts, just copy and paste the code int he text box. Cheers!