Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

I don't believe it! A Wednesday on Wednesday post...on a Wednesday! It is going to rain for sure around here! The following are photos from Sunday, we found Crowe River in Marmora & Lake, Ontario and canoed up the river and back.

marmora (16) 
She was so excited for the ride she was ready with  a paddle before we even left the shore.
marmora (6)
 She spent half of the trip with her hands in the water as the canoe trolled down river.
marmora (61)
 Mama was enjoying the ride as well.
marmora (41)
 We stopped at the mouth of the river where it was barely two feet deep. Wednesday swam around for about a half hour, finding zebra mussels to play with.
marmora (15)
She fell asleep in the canoe on the way back. Slept so long we had time to pull the canoe on shore, have lunch and pack up.

For more of the same photos you can find the Flickr set here. Happy Wednesday.