Monday, April 19, 2010

How To: Trash Bash!

This weekend The Mister, Wednesday and I participated in our communities annual Trash Bash. In light of Earth Day on Thursday, our (and I am assuming thousands of others) community hosts an event where they supply the bags, the gloves, the dumpsters and the BBQ (complete with veggie dogs) and we supply the man power and the whereabouts. Seems like a pretty decent deal. It is. It was a bittersweet experience though.


My Crafty Weekend - Earth Week Edition

Good morning everybody! It is 6:21am and I am well on my way to starting my day. Thanks to Wednesday my littler early riser (We have neither owned nor used an alarm clock since the day she was born!) So I am tackling My Crafty Weekend early. I also have to announce the winner of the Let's Go Outside draw! How exciting is that? Let me just go freshen my coffee and we'll do that.

Ok,drum roll please! And the winner is...number three...Wendy Lou who said "Those books look great! I'd love to win but if I don't ... library here I come!" Wendy I'll be contacting you later today to get your particulars. Thanks EVERYONE who participated, I will definitely be doing this again!

skirt collage

This is what I spent half of my weekend doing. I went back and forth to it all weekend. It turned out gorgeous! But the top was a little big. In trying ot give her lots of room to get into it, I made it too wide. I also made it too long, you can barely see the dark blue of the denim skirt when she wears the ensemble. So I'll fix that up during nap time today and hopefully have it on her to model for photos this week! I tried to take enough photos of the process for a tutorial, but since I like to over complicate things, I might just make another one using what I learned from this one. :)

The other half of my weekend was spent cleaning up garbage and so, tomorrow, my tutorial will be about how to participate in your neighborhood trash bash! We cleaned up two parks this weekend and it was such a great experience. I'll show you how to make your own garbage stabber, dress properly and even involve your kids! So come back for that tomorrow!

Since earth Day is on Thursday, I though I would focus on environmentally friendly crafts and activities this week. My Crafty Weekend being no exception. Last week Suzanne from The Mother Huddle linked up to a post she did about fusing plastic bags and sewing them to create a much stronger, longer lasting shopping bag. This post was great for two reasons, one the obviously great re-using project and second, Suzanne is a beginner sewer who found the task easy enough. So It should encourage the novice sewers out there to try it out!

For this week's edition of My Crafty Weekend, I was wondering if you would be happy to link up ALL of you best ECO crafts?! Recycled, reused, re-purposed, remade, the whole shoot and shebang! Nearly all my crafts are recycled or re-purposed to some extent if not entirely, but I will link up just two. Homemade super soft wipes (for both bums and noses) and vegetarian lasagna. Thanks for participating, and as always here are buttons for you to add if you like!