Monday, September 20, 2010

My Crafty Weekend

Happy Monday folks! I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. We had some lovely weather and made ti out to the Madoc Fair. Super good times at the midway, the lawnmower races and livestock show. After visiting three fairs this summer we finally found one we can't wait to go back to next year! But, ahem...yes...weekend craftiness.

Shiny Vintage buttons!

I have none of my own creations to share today, but I did pick up some grooviness at the thrift shop this morning and thought I would share with you a picture of some of my newest buttons.

You guys have been busy though! Below are a couple highlights from the link up last week.

This cute little laptop cover was made by Paige of Simply Handmade from a changing pad! In case you haven't visited her before I urge you to. She is just a tender fourteen and yet she has her own craft blog and Etsy shop! Plus she just has some fantastic taste. Visit this post for the tutorial.

Anji of Starking Crafty & Party linked to her finished invites for her adorable daughter's Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party. Theya re gorgeous. I love the use of Sir john Tennial's illustrations don't you? Visit this post to see more pictures.

Tavia of MamaTave linked to a giveaway., She is giving away this gorgeous layered skirt she made for her daughter (Who is also gorgeous, look at those curls!) *Weep* They grow so fast. If you would like a chance to win this skirt visit this post for all the details.

I just want to say thank you guys for linking up all of your great projects! I love My crafty Weekend. And although I don't always comment (I am a notorious lurker) I love looking again and again. That being said, it is time to link up again! You know the rule: Visit the link before you and leave some super nice words of encouragement. After that, if you would like ot add my super duper buttons to your super duper posts you are of course welcome and encouraged to do so! So, lets see 'em folks! What have you been carving, pasting, painting, mixing, gluing and nailing these days? With fall coming, I thought I would link up the fabulous rushed scarf from my header.