Monday, February 15, 2010

How To - Sparkly Filled Lace Tea Bags for Play

Tea Set (11)

I hope your Valentine weekends were wonderful! It was a warm and loving weekend here indeed. We had a tea party with Wednesday and family for dinner last night. Good food (both real and fake) and good people, how can you go wrong? ♥

I know the previous Felt Sugar Cookie tute was a bit random, but it all came together so quickly I thought I would post it. I made them to go with the sparkly filled lace tea bags of today's construction instructions. Hence the statement of not being able to have a tea party without cookies.

**Note** Due to the nature of the filling, these are not recommended for super small children. Wednesday is two and a half and the hot glue is near impossible to get apart so I am confident that this is safe. If you are at all concerned, do not leave child unattended. OR you could just as easily fill with pieces of felt or stuffing.

I was really excited when I came up with these and even if I severely burned myself twice they turned out awesome! I hope you enjoy them too! Sans burns of course.


2" wide lace (roughly 20" long)
Plastic gem stones (or felt scraps)
1/8" ribbon
Red felt
Hot glue & gun

Lace Tea Bag Steps 1-3

Lace Tea Bag Steps 4-6

Lace Tea Bag Steps 7-9

Lace Tea Bag Steps 9-11

Lace Tea Bag Steps 12-13

Tea BagLace Tea Bag

Ta -daa! Your front and back views.

Now, you have cookies and tea bags shall we have a tea party?
Tea Set (8)

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