Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

I trust your Halloweens were all wonderful! Candy filled and TP free I hope! Here it was amazing. The weather was wonderful. The costume came together and the friends were friendly!
My little Musketeer. 
Mid-way through a shopping trip to Wal-mart in the beginning of October just as they were putting out the Halloween costumes Wednesday found the above pictured mask and sword and was inspired to be a Barbie Musketeer. What is a Barbie Musketeer you ask?
A Barbie Musketeer is Corin from the movie Barbie & The Three Musketeers. She's a country girl who moves to the big city to prove that girls can indeed be musketeers. In other words, she kicks butt and takes names. It is a great girl movie. (We are big fans of the Barbie movie franchise around here though.)

Wednesday's costume came together quite easily. It was the winterizing that took any effort really. I made a cape and pettiskirt out of pale pink polar fleece. Found a  matching sweater in her closet the day of, and those adorable pink Ugg-ish boots are hand me downs that she reuses to grow out of. For her hat, I added feather that were originally on the mask tot he side and added a pin I found on a thrifting trip months and months ago. Oh and the bulk under the bargain store princess dress? That was the tu-tu I made for her two year photos. Done like dinner. Seriously, so simple and yet I think this is easily my favourite costume yet.

On guarde!