Friday, December 31, 2010

Nuno Magazine : Shades of Gray

With the imminent new year upon us, I thought I would sneak in a fitting review. What is your new year's resolution? Excercise more? Quit smoking (Been there)? Go vegetarian (Done that)? How about something less intense, just as ethical and lots more fun? How about, you (and by you I mean we) resolve to craft with more recycled resources? Sound good? I thought so. And, to help you with both inspiration and instruction I present the second edition of Nuno magazine.

You may remember the glowing review I gave the gorgeous autumnal premiere issue. Well this review will be just as adoring. I am in love with the simplicity of the projects, the love and detail put into the magazine and of course, it is a gorgeous resource for any environmentally conscious crafter.

In this issue full of gorgeously photographed projects, there is something for every skill level...
Feeling particularly crafty? Try your hand at these beautiful "kokeshi doll inspired finger puppets".
 Can you knit? I envy you because you can make this lovely knitted clutch.

 For those last minute, quick but wonderful crafts, you can always create some wonderful newspaper bunting.

Elizabeth Abernathy & Co. have pulled out all the stops yet again in this 125 page volume. (Always ad free!) This  is but a sample of the projects you will find in Nuno: Shades of Gray. If you would like a larger sample, complete with four projects you can view the preview below.

If that preview has you wanting more, you can purchase the full 125 page issue for the low price of five dollars at both and All for the incredibly low price of five dollars. Buying this magazine is supporting many movements in one, self publishing, paperless publishing, green-crafting, and of course the independent artist. That is a lot of bang for one's buck oui?!

Tonight may be full of champagne and sequins, but tomorrow when the new year is upon us you will want to grab a mug of coffee, your fresh new copy of Nuno magazine and a pad of [recycled]paper for the ideas that will ebb and flow as you read.

Have a very safe and incredibly happy new years! Cheers!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Post Holiday Wind Down


Happy Holidays! Oh what a whirlwind weekend that was yes?! We were all ridiculously spoiled and Wednesday got so much stuff I can't even tell you because I am sure it violates environmental laws in other countries! Anyone have any great Barbie organizing tips? Besides a shoe organizer I am stumped! Anyhoo..! What I am interested in your handmade stuff! Those projects you had been keeping on the down low for the surprise factor, are you ready to show them off?! Ooh and organizing tips, I would love some of those! I know this week is all about the cleaning and purging, and hopefully relaxing! What about you? What are your plans for this week?

OK! Show me what you have been making, sewing, painting and baking! OOOh and we cannot forget the golden rule! Visit the link before yours and leave a note of encouragement! ♥ Happy Monday

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

2010 Holiday Card

Wishing you a holiday filled with angels, 
heavenly and snow alike.

Love & Hugs,
Melissa, Ron & Wednesday

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Crafty Weekend : Holiday Round Up

It is Monday again my fellow lovelies. And if you are reading this you are fabulous reader who has stuck with me through my unscheduled hiatus. I want to thank you from the bottom of my coffee and craft loving heart. I am still living in a reno, and I really haven't a craft space (much less a sewing room) but I am hoping the new year will bring some amazing changes both for my home but also for the blog. So for my crafty weekend, I haven't any new projects to share (Trust me, a small piece of me dies each day that I get closer to Christmas without any creating.) But, I have been filling my think pads with scores of ideas for the blog and projects. I even think I might try my hand at self publishing, we'll see.

Because I haven't anything new to share, and truthfully I have no idea how many links we'll get today after such a long break between link ups (The last one was a pre Halloween edition.) so instead you get long run on sentences and all the tutes that i think would make up super fast for great last minute gifts. Oh and some party food thrown in for good measure. So I guess you can think of this as my first holiday round up.

So without further ado, i present to you all of my last minute gift ideas and recipes and I encourage you to share with us as well. Show us your masterpieces that you have finished in time for Christmas. Have any projects that can be made in a day? Or better yet a few short hours? Share those too! Oh and appetizer and desert recipes, what is the holidays if not a green light for feasting until we need turkey pants? Here are some buttons that make me just giddy when I see them on your posts and/or sidebars but not necessary to play the game.