Friday, March 2, 2012

Return from the...well super busy!

Wow! It has been awhile hasn't it? Well, in case anyone has been worried, nothing bad had befallen me or my family. In fact just the opposite. SO much good and business I just decided to extend my Christmas vacation from craft blogging.  Mostly because after Christmas I hadn't been crafting much. Much. I did in fact move to a house with three times the space (meaning three times the bedrooms.) We also have been three times as social now that we live in town instead of the boonies. I have also been cooking three times as much. So yes, I have been 'crafty' just not in all the usual ways.

bella-001halloween 2011-003
happy go lucky-001Happy Go Lucky

I have been creative though. I have finished a couple more pages of Wednesday's 2011 scrapbook. (With any luck I ill be done in time to create Shutterfly books for the grandmothers.) I attempted some basket making (sewing and weaving). And recently, I made a fantastic outfit for Wednesday. (My first in way too long.) Check it out!

Wednesday has really taken to being photographed. She'll do all sorts of poses and facial expressions for me. It is super nice when I want to take photos of her modelling her new threads.
 The t-shirt was made by resizing some google images and printing them onto photo transfer paper. Easy peazy lemon squeezy. You can email me for the word document if you like.
 The skirt is basically a very ruffly version of Made's Market Skirt. Tutorial here. 
 Skulls and pink bows. Very Monster Chic.
The fun was in the details though. I added a pleated ruffle to the main skirt body (a thrifted bedsheet) and a double chiffon ruffle to the bottom.
Wednesday's latest obsession is Monster High dolls. So much so that we have had to use these dolls (They do not come cheap!) as a lesson in chores and money saving for Wednesday. So far so good. She knows that we will not buy her one but she is more than welcome to empty her piggy bank of hard earned money for one. She takes care of the dog and cat and keeps her room tidy(ish). So far so good.

I do have a new studio, and two new bedrooms to decorate. I am hoping to get Wednesday's done sooner rather than later. With it's pink walls it is half way there lol. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake is my theme. Stay tuned for more photos of of that and my studio's progress!