Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday on Wednesday

My poor little baby got her first black eye a couple days ago. She bounced off of another little girl at the splash pad and then bounced off the concrete. The whole thing was just awful. At first I was in shock and couldn't believe how black it was that quickly, but my mom reassured me it was just a black eye. Not a bruise with a hematoma on a bruise with another bruise on top. (Which is what my brain was working towards.) After lots of ice, freezies, popcorn, Tylenol and the all important Daddy, Wednesday was in good spirits.

It looked even worse (which I did not think possible) yesterday. The swelling moved up closer to her eye and the bruise turned a raspberry colour. I was on the verge of horrified every time I looked at her. It is much better today, the colour already draining and a lot of the swelling has gone down.

Just so darn awful though. When she's sick I can dote on her, when she is sad I can make her happy, when she is scared I can comfort her. I felt (feel) helpless with this though. I just have to wait it out with her I guess. Poor baby.