Friday, June 24, 2011

Reader Question : Simple and Inexpensive Dorm Storage Ideas

musicxmylove asked:
So happy I found this blog! I am going to be studying abroad soon and cannot bring a lot with me and won't have any extra furniture except for what is included in my room. Do you have any easy and inexpensive do it yourself storage ideas for dorm rooms? If it's something that can be recycled later when I fly home or takes up very little room in a suitcase would be great. Maybe something reusing cardboard or other recycled materials that I could get for free? 

Hey there! Sorry this took awhile to answer but there are a lot of photos and posts to sift through. I really wanted to give you some super practical ideas.
 Below are some ideas made with recycled and/or super cheap materials. While I am not sure how many you could pack back up, given the relative cheapness of materials you could give them away and people would be happy to use them likewise, you can recycle a lot of the materials as well. So, that being said let's see what I found!
First storage option: string. String is cheap (You can almost always find a handful somewhere free.) and fits any sized room. Create a gorgeous photo banner wherever you room and room mate will let you. Found via Dorm Design.
Cearal box magazine (Notebook, binder) holders. Grab a cereal box and cover with pretty paper or fabric. Although this won't fit in your suitcase I bet someone would be happy to have them when you're done. Full how to at The Wicker House.
This was one of the very first DIYs I posted here at Storage geek and I still love the idea. Add some cardboard dividers to some cookie tines (You know your Mom has at least three kicking around.) and voila, instant (stack-able) desk caddy! Full how to at Design Sponge.
Have some chain and a few hangers? Now you have an instant mud room or extra closet. Chain is cheap you can buy it in plastic or metal at hardware stores but you could also probably find some on  if you asked nice enough. Hangers well, I am sure you can put a few of those in your suitcase when you head over. Found via Apartment Therapy.
Another fabulous bit of recycling here. Can cubbies make great storage because they are free and come in a variety of sizes from the small tomato paste size to the giant tomato ketchup size. Ask a local restaurant to sort through their recyclables, you'd be amazed at how many cans and glass jars you will find! The how to on this pretty system can be found at Leethel.
Have cork and pushpins? You now have necklace storage. Bonus, you can bring this with you or back with you since they pack up so nice and flat in your suitcase. Photo from Pretty in the Desert.
If you sew I found two great projects that could come in super handy and fold up nicely.
These denim wall pockets made by Flickr member Made by Beag would be invaluable as an organizer for everything from desk supplies to toiletries. Made out of recycled denim makes this project cost a whopping zero dollars.
I love this laundry bag. While you don't have to make one this elaborate (But if you do you can find the tutorial here at Sew 4 Home.) But a sturdy laundry bag will be invaluable to you in your student living.
How awesome are these projects? I know! But, while Storage Geek is my name, and DIYs are my game decorating is a very personal (and uysually drawn out process for me) so if you would like to see some great dorm deco may I direct your attention to a couple Tumblr blogs I found? Dorm Design and EFFyeahcooldormrooms Both of these blogs have pages and pages of great dorm rooms.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it inspired you. Thanks for asking such a fantastic question and I would love to see photos of what you make! Cheers,M.