Monday, November 1, 2010

Channelling Our Inner Judy Garland

Happy First of November everyone!~ Wasn't October just the craziest? Wow. I am still kind of reeling from all the hustle and bustle! But, I thought I would pop in and show off my gorgeous little girl in her Halloween costume!

I made the dress for her birthday party in the summer. It was my (super simplified, ) version of Alice's dress. The fabric is a vintage bed sheet!

hair bow
I actually checked ahead of time to make sure her curly hair was long enough for some low pigtails a la Dorothy.

I found the basket and dog at a local charity shop. I sprayed the dog down with a coat of Tulip Spray dye for the dusty prairie dog look that Toto has.

ruby slippers
Wal-mart carried these shoes this year which was incredible convenient (and look fabulous with the blue socks!) but I have a pair of pink sparkly converse running shoes I was going to use! I bought some pink bamboo tights for warmth under the dress and you couldn't even tell it wasn't her bare legs.

All in all I think it came together so well it was almost too-good-to-be-true. But it held up and looked wonderful. For those of you Canadian Moms wondering, I put her winter coat right over the costume for trick-or-treating. I figured if the shoes and blue dress didn't give it away, nothing would!

For the rest of you wondering why a three year old is dressed as Dorothy, Wednesday loves this movie. She watches it at least twice a week and can do many of the routines and sing the songs...for instance...

The sound is a bit rough but Wednesday sings that song every single time I put a pair of blue jeans on her. (It is the pockets that trigger the memory of the Munchkins).
So, naturally after she had been watching the movie an almost unbarable amount of times it occured to me that we had allt he fixins (minus Toto) to be Dorothy. When I asked she agreed and instantly my Halloween was stress free. (Well, it was until she came down with a cold the day before!)

We all had a great time with close friends before and after trick or treating. And have to say the tradition is growing to be a wonderful one. I hope your weekend was just as safe and happy as ours!