Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday on Wednesday

It is that time of year again. The time when Wednesday drives me bananas until she gets to dye some eggs. So yesterday I obliged. I had hopes of doing the Kool-Aid method but my local Wal-Mart didn't sell the individual packs.  I have done the food colouring with vinegar method and it did work but I felt you needed to leave the eggs in the bath too long or vivid colours. (Little ones need instant gratification.) So, I wandered over to the easter decorating section and found Dudley's Egg Decorating Kit. I had two criteria; bright vivid colours and our year old friendly processes. (Some kits called for smushing the egg in a bag of glitter etc.). This kit delivered. Super cheap and super bright colours and the girls loved it.

If we get the eggs eaten by Friday, I am going to do this one more time for Wednesday. Maybe by then the dye on her fingers will have washed away too! This weekend we'll be joining friends for our annual egg hunt. And I have some tricks up my sleeve for Wednesday on Sunday. What are some of your Easter traditions? Do you pay special attention to the religious reasons for the holiday? Do you have a child obsessed with dyeing eggs like me? However you celebrate I hope your Easter is magical.