Sunday, June 5, 2011

How To : Rock N' Roll Ballet Flats

Whoo! *Kicks tumbleweeds aside* I'm back! And with a tutorial no less! Have a looksie at a super fun how to I did up today!
Last summer I found a couple pairs of ballet flats at Wal-Mart for nine or ten bucks a pair so I thought I would be cool and grabbed two pair (One black and one purple) well, not five minutes into wearing the first pair I got the beginnings of a blister. Gosh darnit! I was stubborn though, instead of taking back the unworn pair and donating the other I kept them. The first pair I carefully removed the grosgrain ribbon and voila! No blisters except now I had a very boring pair of shoes. Which also looked a little unfinished. So the two pair sat in my to-do box for a year until I could figure out how to use them. Enter Ebay and the awesome cone studs I found. I couldn't wait to attach those bad boys to my girly shoes and when I did, I was in love.
Now they are not only much more comfortable they are cute too! Also, I found that with the studs, the stitching holes worked perfectly.
They were super easy to make. The hardest part is getting your hands on these little babies. I bought mine from an Ebay seller called Crush Crush, I think they also have an Etsy account but don't quote me on that. I bought ten and I wish now I had bout a hundred (Instead of the pyramid studs that I can't seem to lay straight!) they are so much fun to use.
Step 1: Using a razor blade or seam ripper remove sewn in trim. (Mine was gros grain ribbon.)
Step 2: Remove bow (Or other decoration), again I use a razor blade as mine was sewn on.
Step 3: To colour in the vinyl, I just used a black Sharpie, if your shoes are more colourful may I suggest a coordinating fabric marker?
Step 4: Thanks to the threaded bottom of the stud, all you need to do to fasten one to your object is make a hole big enough for the threaded bit to fit through and screw the cone stud on top. Easy peazy lemon squeezey!
I really think they turned out fabulous. Just a little bit of rock and roll for this soccer mom you know what I mean?
I haven't quite decided what to do with the purple pair yet, I am thinking a bright contrasting ribbon of yellow or orange woven around the edge, not sure but I'll share them when I get to it.

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