Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Tumble For You...

Hello! With the onset of my new obsession (DIY Storage) I realized I needed more than Google bookmarks to help save. Mostly because I wanted to share as well. Not every idea comes from a blog post and I found a way to save, share and comment on all of my favourite storage solutions.

Storage geek Screenshot

Enter The Storage Geek at tumblr.com! Yes, I have started yet another blog, but this one is so much fun! I can post to it at total random and since it is primarily a photo type blogging tool individual credit for every photo and blog post(if applicable) is given by tumblr itself. I love it.

I haven't a fancy button for it yet but if you click on any link in this post that says The Storage Geek you will be taken to the tumblog. Also, I have no idea how to comment on individual posts yet. Thanks to both Google and Disqus I was able to add comments to each individual post! I am still totally learning.

I thought I would share though! Do you tumblr? Leave a comment with your tumblog and I'll follow you!

Cheers ♥