Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunshine Patchwork Skirt

It is no secret that Wednesday is my muse. From the moment I began creating since her birth. First scrapbooking and then sewing. So when I am in between creative bursts I look to her for inspiration. Last week I asked her what sort of skirt she would like next. She replied with a simple "Sunshine skirt."

At first I thought maybe I could do some applique work, use up some vintage ribbons and such but after a couple of hours of cutting and placing it.just.wouldn' I decided to stop forcing it. Packed up the cut pieces and watched Sherlock. The next morning I woke up and was instantly inspired. I set to work after getting Wednesday off to school and by noon I had finished this little number. And so I present my second entry into the Crafterhours Skirt Week 2012 contest.

I call it the Sunshine Skirt. Made up of remnants from vintage sheets, new and vintage pillowcases and new(ish) yardage it is the sunniest skirt I have made.

It fit Wednesday like a dream with room to both play and grow.

I have finally figured out how to make the back of a skirt longer than the front to compensate for little girls belly's and bubble bums.

front right side detail
This is Wednesday's first skirt by me with a pocket. I would have liked to make it a bit more ornate but I think the simple approach works well with the skirt.

front top view
I have started to sew my waistbands with a 'stitch-in-the-ditch' quilting technique that lends itself well to clothing.

front right corner detail
I wasn't sure what I was doing at the hem (I usually do something ruffled.) so when I found some old orange bias tape I used it instead of hemming and losing length.

sunshine back waist detail
I love how the skirt has a fitted front panel and this elasticized back panel. Style and comfort in one little skirt.

I could not resist making a matching hair piece. This is three gather flowers made from the scraps and glued to a French clip and finished with vintage lace.

I'd say the skirt is comfortable to play in wouldn't you?

My little lady. ♥


♥Wish me luck! ♥

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday on Wednesday

Every now an again I am reminded that I have a little girl who wants to be just like her mama. I had a luncheon date on the weekend and when Wednesday saw me in a white dress and pink heels, she had to dress the same. I wish we had gotten a better photo, but this one warms my heart.

The other day, Wednesday paid me the best compliment. She said "Mama, when I grow up I want to be a mama. Just like you." *melt*

Happy Wednesday everyone. ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fabulous Five: DIY Humbingbird Feeders

You know what I love? Hummingbirds. Really though, who doesn't? Satan maybe. Ooh, and the bugs they eat. Still, I think we (those of us with opposable thumbs and the ability to read) can agree that hummingbirds make us smile. While I was standing on my deck this morning I realized I had nary a feeder and while I was at Wal-Mart I realized that I did not enjoy the plastic sort.

So for our (mostly mine) own benefit I rounded up a few very pretty DIY options. And because most o them require hummingbird feeder tubes I sourced both packs of twelve and single tubes.

Isn't this just the prettiest? Made from a plastic bottle and several plastic spoons. Visit The Shabby Beach Nest for the tutorial.

A glass bottle, copper tubing and a feeder tube come together to make this gorgeous number from Birds and Blooms

Pretty glass beads on recycled clear glass bottles come together or this feeder from Think Crafts.

This clever option from Cultivating Life is what I will be making while I wait or my hummingbird feeder tubes to come in the mail.

And because this is Fabulous Five, not Fabulous Four, I give you one more truly fabulous hummingbird feeder.

Have fun and stay cool while you're in your gardens!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ruffle Bum Vintage Sheet Skirt


Skirt Week is upon us again and it just so happens I have a few entries for this year's contest, so bear with me as I publish a couple of posts tooting my own horn.

Presenting the Vintage Sheet Ruffle Bum Skirt!

 Front view. This skirt is made from two of my very favourite vintage sheets in my stash.

 The skirt does have a soft lining with an attached aqua tulle peek-a-boo ruffle.

The back of the skirt has four rows ruffles that I double sided - narrow hemmed myself before ruffling.

 Back left close up.

Back right close up.

The skirt was inspired by this one I made two years ago for family member's little one.

Rufflebum Skirt

Sometimes you just can't let go of a good idea. <3 Wish me good luck!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Modern Wednesday Has Arrived!

I have been away again. But I have a great excuse! I have been creating, but with a different purpose than usual! *drumroll please*

I have opened a shop! It is technically an online shop called Modern Wednesday but all of my sales have been local (semi) custom orders. So it has been an exciting couple of months. And let me tell you, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a sense of purpose! Would you like to see a couple items from my shop? Awesome!

Pretty snazzy stuff isn't it! Some of it you might even recognize them from old tutorials and pictures. 
There is three times those listings at the shop though. Also, I have galleries set up of my favourite projects that I encourage people to order custom made projects. Remember my very first sewing project ever? The bean bags? Well, someone ordered a set of eight as sensory toys for her son with Autism. Remember Wednesday's felt crown? Well I made the prettiest girly version of it this week for another custom order.

I chose Indiemade to host my website and shop because it was an all inclusive flat rate price that includes hosting, design and a shopping platform. I can have up to 13 galleries with unlimited photos within. I can list up to 100 items in my shop at a time and there is no commission for Indiemade. The biggest selling point for me though was that customers DO NOT NEED an account to shop at my shoppe! I love that. Believe it or not, a lot of people in my life do not shop within Etsy's 'borders'. Some don't even know what 'an Etsy' is.  So I didn't see the point in complicating the process for my local customers all the while giving my customers access to my competition.
That being said, I have an Etsy storefront, I just haven't decided how to divvy up my listings between the two. Suggestions?

I also have a Facebook fan page for those of you that would like to follow for sneak peaks and discounts! I update regularly with 'In The Making' photos as well as 'In The Shoppe' photos.

So there you have it. That is what has been eating up all my spare time. When I am not playing mom and homemaker I am playing maker and shopkeeper. I like my new hat(s). I have not given up on this blog, I swear I just have to find a balance because Storage Geek is still going strong as well. I'm nearly at 30,000 readers! So lots of stuff here, all awesome.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday on Wednesday

Wednesday and I went for our very first Mommy-Daughter salon visit. Wednesday got a trim, straighten and the fuchsia that Daddy has been promising her. She also sprayed me down with the shampoo hose by accident.  That was awesome, thank goodness we were the last ones in the shop.