Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

Well, here I am not only on time but a little bit early! (I writing this as a scheduled post, lots to do this evening!) Here are a few select pictures from an impromptu business/fun trip to our nations' capital and surrounding areas.

yellow umbrella
Sunday morning in Ottawa brought us torrential rains. Rains that sucked to get caught in two streets from where we were eating breakfast! But, with the help of a brand new yellow umbrella,Wednesday's spirits were instantly lifted while waiting for Daddy to bring the truck around.

blue shoes
Later on, in at the hotel she just had to go for a walk in her new shoes. because who wouldn't want to show off shoes that look like that? Satan maybe, but he probably only wears sensible shoes.

The next morning, we found a city park in Pembroke, Ontario that was just what we needed after a day in the truck driving around chasing thunderstorms.

good life
It is moments like these that make it all worthwhile yes? Indubitably.

And what day is complete without being swallowed by giant plastic playground creatures?

troll bridge
We played this great game where I was the troll and she wanted on my bridge but she had to answer riddles about Daddy's favourite colour and what comes after five and such. She loved it!

Sometimes you even get a near perfect family photo out of the affair!

It was a most wonderful weekend, rain and all.