Monday, March 7, 2011

My Crafty Weekend

Good afternoon crafties! This post comes to you a little later than usual but still on Monday so go me! I have been working on a tutorial (Yay my first in aaaaaages!)but I need better lighting than what I have been getting. I'll have the post up before the week has ended though I promise! Also in the works is a collaboration with My bloggy BFF Cynthia The Sewing Dork so stay tuned for that announcement. And a few giveaways are in order as well. Super busy times here at Until Wednesday Calls. But enough about me, it is you that you want to see yes?!

In the spirit of march being Reading month, I couldn't think of a more fitting post to start us off today. Amy of Flexible Dreams shares with us how a tub of alpahbet cookies from Trader Joes has begun a spelling frenzy at the table. A tasty one too! To see the nifty ways they played with the letters before chowing down on them visit the post here.

Another fabulous reading related post is this Harry Potter themed one from Anji of Starking Crafty & Party. Visit this post to see the great stuff the kids did in those spell books and to find out how to make those fabulous capes.

Totally unrelated to reading, but amazing all on it's own is this bedroom makeover by Kyra of Racks and Mooby. Those gorgeous flowers were free handed copies from the bedding design. What a wonderful room for a little girl to wake up in.

Now it is your turn again! What have you been up to lately? Baking, scrapbooking, sewing? How about papier mache? Distressed any great flea market finds? Share with us your creative endeavors! Feel free to grab and share the buttons below! Also, don't forget to visit the link before yours and leave some good comment karma! Have fun crafties!