Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

Good morning! I know I am a couple weeks behind with this but things got pretty hectic around here what with nursery school, T-ball and well...summer! That's right, Captain Awesome and I are parents to a little leaguer. We found a great program that does T-ball for six weeks and then soccer for six weeks and we couldn't be having more fun. Well, most of the time, I mean it is like herding cats right? But cute! Oh my goodness the cute. I took a ridiculous amount of photos at her first game and so it took me forever to sort through them. I'll of course keep this post to a minimum but prepare for the cute!

Checkin' it all out.
The cute! It hurts!
In toddler preschool t-ball there are no strikes, no outs and every hit is a home run. I heart it.
In Wednesday's world there is always time for a little song and dance.
A little action.
The fruit of their labours. The kids only make it through the four innings because they know at the end there will be iced treats at the end.

We have since been to a couple games and it is so much fun, for us and her. We have some close friends with kids in the same league as well as a close mom friend of mine and a playmate of Wednesday right on her team so that is always nice. As well, Ron is amazing he helps the kids and keeps Wednesday on track I think he should be a coach next year.

Do you have children in organized sports? Have any tips for us newbie parents?