Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secret Stash Busting!

A few months ago Heather of Dollar Store Crafts had a hiccup on Twitter that announced a year old stash busting giveaway. Without reading the dates ('cause that is how I roll) I filled out the form, only to be red faced later when Heather was kind enough to reply letting me know my error. I thought "Hey, why not do it again?!" and offered my supplies to join in on the fun if she so chose to repeat the process. She did, and I did but do to a communication hiccup (Read stupid tooth infection that made me useless for weeks!) I was not able to send mine directly to her to mix up and mail out, instead what I am doing is sending off four packages to Canadians as a bonus to Heather's randomly chosen ten picks.My packages are a bit smaller (I have no sponsors and a smaller stash lol), but hopefully the recipients find them to be satisfactory. (I'm all nervous as I address them to mail off!)

I kind of dropped the ball and didn't get a chance to announce it here so that you could at least apply to be a secret stash bustee so I will be collecting one more package to send to one of you. (Although I am sure that every single one of you read Dollar Store Crafts!) Stay tuned for that and a few more giveaways and announcements, times be a changin' around here!

P.S. For those of you who love this idea and have an excess amount of supplies you could always head on over to Swap Bot Supply Swap where everyone is a winner!