Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

Someone has been painting up a storm! I know that I am her mom, but sometimes I think Wednesday is better with a paint brush than I some grown ups are with pencil and paper. And it is true, the adage practice makes perfect because every time she picks up a paint brush she wows me more than before.

Almost as fun as the painting itself, dispensing the paint herself in incredibly important to the process.

You half expect to see the tongue sticking out she is so focused.

She's all smiles while she paints. She said her favourite part of painting is "Making the colours and boys and girls. That is my favourite part."

Right now she is on a mermaid kick and asks The Mister and I too paint her mermaids to copy. This is her version of a mermaid, I was blown away.

This one is my favourite though, it is a rocket ship, and I'll be darned if it isn't a fantastic one at that!

Lately Wednesday has been on a poster paint kick, but most often we keep a water colour set with water and brushes out like most people use crayons. Wednesday can colour in the lines like nobody's business. She is slower and more deliberate with a paint brush than with a crayon. I was going to show you some colouring book pages she has done but it seems she has ripped them all out to give to the neighbor as a gift.

What is your child's colouring medium of choice? Markers, crayons or paint?