Friday, October 1, 2010

New Feature...Fabulous Five!

So the other day I says to my parents I says:

"You know what you guys need if you insist on keeping your table there? A drop leaf table."
"Yeah, we know." Says they.
"Oh." Says I. (See I thought I was being clever, but apparently I was the last one on the Feng Shui Boat.)
"The problem is we need one that seats eight to ten people."They informed me.
"Oh, wouldn't it be great if they made drop leaf tables with removable centre leaves?" Says I, thinking again how clever I was.
"They do." They says.
"But they cost around three grand." They continue.
"Oh."Says I again. Again, my cleverness dims.
"Well, what if you got a nice little one and just kept a foldable party table for the few big dinners you host?" This has to be it.
"Yeah, we thought of that to. We just haven't actually committed time or budget to the shopping for said table." Says they, again one step ahead of me.

True story folks. But it got me to thinking, what are their options. Maybe I can do some window shopping for them, or me! I love a drop leaf table. They work everywhere, hallways, as sofa tables, breakfast nooks and offices. But I couldn't figure out how to bring it up here as I've never really 'gone shopping' with you guys. Then, I was looking through my think  pad and I found my scribbles for a new feature day. Fabulous Five on Friday. This is where I take whatever I have been obsessing about this week and share with you my top five favourite links and pictures from my searches.

That being said, here are five absolutely fabulous drop leaf tables, ranging from IKEA minimialast to fabulous opulance.

I think this is the Muddus table from IKEA perfect example of industrial chic. Small enough for the foyer in your loft, but big enough to be a workspace or dining space. I think my parents would think it belongs in my dad's workshop though.

Image found via an Ebay listing
This is most likely what my parents would love. A Leopold Stickley original. I usually don't much dig their taste but you have to respect anyone who enjoys Stickley furniture.
Photo found via Studio Annetta
This absolutely gorgeous piece of art deco designed by Tommi Parzinger is exactly what would have me drooling. I would probably drive The Mister batty until I had it in my possession. And if I caught a single person not using a coaster "Heads would rolllllll!". Seriously though, how sexy are those legs?! I love how they are more than straight and less than oranate. Love them.

Arde Dropleaf Table from

Tell me that this pretty little girl would not fit perfectly in a modern home but as equally fine in a farmhouse breakfast nook? I don't know what I like mroe the bleached wood finish or the to-the-floor-lengthed leaves.

Stanley Serafina La Scala Leg Table from

And of course, how could we wrap up without finding the fanciest eight person drop leaf table ever! Although it will definitely not fit in my parents dining area, it sure is pretty yes?!

This was fun! Next week we'll go surfing for something super fun and quirky! (It is actually what inspired Fabulous Five Friday!)

Cheers! Oh yes, don't forget to enter the Pretty in Pink drawing and be sure to come back tomorrow to see if you won! Happy Friday everyone!