Saturday, February 5, 2011

Please Mind The Mess


Those of you who read me via a feed reader or Facebook have probably not noticed the changes going on over the last few days. But for those of you who come visit the blog directly, please mind the mess. I am trying my best to freshen up this place but it can be tricky.I want to change it, but I liked the old layout. I want to ad sponsors but I don't want them to take over. I want to add some graphics but where is the 'too busy' line?  I think I have found a nice balance though. I hope? Please feel free to give me your constructive criticisms or compliments!

Speaking of sponsors, yes I have sold out. But in a good way...kind of. I thought maybe I could begin bartering ad space. I haven't really figured out how that would work but I liked the idea. I also love supporting the handmade industry and the ads in my sidebar are from such businesses so please go visit them. If you would like to see your 125x125px ad in my sidebar give me a shout (There are a few links in my sidebar you can use to reach me.) and I am sure we can figure something out!