Monday, January 10, 2011

Good morning my fellow crafties! I type this for you stuffed up and dozy so if I forget something or my writing looks unedited, we ll you know why! Aside from that I have been a sorting and organizing machine! Unfortunately I am still ages away from the finish line but I am hoping to have you some photos this week. yes that's right I got my camera deal sorted out. Not only do I have a working camera but I have a memory card! (I cried in the wee hours of christmas when I realized my memory card was missing!) But now I can take pictures of my gorgeous girl, our new gorgeous kitten and of course my gorgeous handiwork!

But, this post is not about me (well not really) it is about you and your crafty endeavors! These are just a few of the lovely links from last weeks My Crafty Weekend.
 These gorgeous placemats were made by Steph of Silly Precious Piggies. For her mom as a Christmas present, wasn't that sweet?! To see more photos and get a quick run down of the how to visit her blog here.

I am inspired by this gorgeous Valentine rosette wreath made by Julie of Singing Three Little Birds. Doesn't it make you want to sit down and spend an evening making rosettes and wreaths?! To get the quick how-she-dunnit visit the blog post here.

How can you not fall instantly in love with this Anthropoly-esque scarf-necklace made by Maya of Little Treasures. To see more pictures of the pretty neck piece visit her blog here.

*sniffle sniffle*And there you have it folks, some of last weeks treasures. Ready to link up this week? What have you been spray painting, photographing, sewing and baking? have you been scrapbooking, beading or knitting? Please share with us you accomplishments! Below are some buttons which would be super if you added to your blog posts or sidebars but it is not necessary to play the game. What I do ask of you though is to visit the link before you and leave a note of encouragement. Bloggy karma you know?! Okay folks, have fun!