Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Creative Space - Mome Wraths & Cheshire Cats

 I have no pictures of my preparations right now due to some serious technical difficulties, but here is one of my favourite scenes from the first Disney movie.

Cheshire cats, tea pots, and hats oh my! I am knee deep in preparations for Wednesday's third birthday party. I now many think this is all my idea. but aside from me executing it the idea was The Mister's. And I promise you, I had no hand in Wednesday loving the stories and movies.

I was going to have a Fancy Nancy tea party but before the thought was voiced The Mister said we should have a Mad hatter tea party where everyone wears a fabulous hat. I thought it genius. And between then and now Wednesday has taken a serious shine to all three movies (We have some random low budget Alice cartoons.) and we read the storybooks (we have a few of those too) at least every other night. So it was a perfect fit.

All my plans are finalized, and I just have execute them. But what I really really really want are some pink flamingos. You know the garden kind that everyone makes fun of? Well, I want to play croquet with them. Unfortunately, the only store here that has them wants twelve dollars plus taxes a piece. Boo. So, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve.

Unfortunately, this heat is melting my brain. For serious I was making a simple backpack for a friend's little guy's birthday and I think I could have made three in the time it took me to sew and seam rip the bloody thing. I eventually just walked away from the room completely. I'll finish it all tomorrow. And then I can carry on with the fabulous Alice fun!

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In this heat clothing is optional, but wings are essential.