Friday, December 31, 2010

Nuno Magazine : Shades of Gray

With the imminent new year upon us, I thought I would sneak in a fitting review. What is your new year's resolution? Excercise more? Quit smoking (Been there)? Go vegetarian (Done that)? How about something less intense, just as ethical and lots more fun? How about, you (and by you I mean we) resolve to craft with more recycled resources? Sound good? I thought so. And, to help you with both inspiration and instruction I present the second edition of Nuno magazine.

You may remember the glowing review I gave the gorgeous autumnal premiere issue. Well this review will be just as adoring. I am in love with the simplicity of the projects, the love and detail put into the magazine and of course, it is a gorgeous resource for any environmentally conscious crafter.

In this issue full of gorgeously photographed projects, there is something for every skill level...
Feeling particularly crafty? Try your hand at these beautiful "kokeshi doll inspired finger puppets".
 Can you knit? I envy you because you can make this lovely knitted clutch.

 For those last minute, quick but wonderful crafts, you can always create some wonderful newspaper bunting.

Elizabeth Abernathy & Co. have pulled out all the stops yet again in this 125 page volume. (Always ad free!) This  is but a sample of the projects you will find in Nuno: Shades of Gray. If you would like a larger sample, complete with four projects you can view the preview below.

If that preview has you wanting more, you can purchase the full 125 page issue for the low price of five dollars at both and All for the incredibly low price of five dollars. Buying this magazine is supporting many movements in one, self publishing, paperless publishing, green-crafting, and of course the independent artist. That is a lot of bang for one's buck oui?!

Tonight may be full of champagne and sequins, but tomorrow when the new year is upon us you will want to grab a mug of coffee, your fresh new copy of Nuno magazine and a pad of [recycled]paper for the ideas that will ebb and flow as you read.

Have a very safe and incredibly happy new years! Cheers!