Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How To: Ruched Scarf From Pajama Pants

Good evening! What a day it has been. Full of get up and go and naps and photoshopping, dinner and a new Tinkerbell at 9pm I can post this tutorial! But I am just so proud of this scarf I would have done it all three times to show you how! Have a look, it is pretty wonderful yes?

Scarf Final Product (2)1

I absolutely love it! I wear it everywhere I go. It is so feminine and yet so comfortable. You have to know that I intend on buying up all of the cotton jersey pajama pants in the nation for more of these! The tutorial has some [badly drawn]photoshop images because I over-complicated the original process. Also, this was one of those things that just didn't offer up the right opportunities for clear, instructional photos. regardless, it is so simple!

Full tutorial after the jump.