Monday, September 6, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Labour Day Edition

Happy Labour Day fellow crafters! Lately I have been spending my spare time burning polyester ribbon. Why you ask? Well, I finally had all of the supplies to attempt some burnt roses and well, like Lays potato chips, you can't make just one.

purple & white

Pretty special yes? I only have a photo of one because I have been waiting for better light for a couple days now. We have had on and off showers all weekend. But you wait, you'll be seeing oodles of them soon enough! I love how they look, how easy they were to make and how when you make one, it inspires you to make another one and another one and yet another one. Super awesome fun times.

There is a learning curve, I think I spent about a half hour melting polyester before I finally got the hang of it. Worth it in the end though. Because now I can make lots of hair pieces, necklaces and brooches. really, the possibilities are endless!

Speaking of endless possibilities, here are a couple fabulous links from last week!

This brilliant number was created by Lori of Paisley Passions. Who doesn't love chalkboard paint? And a chalkboard paint project that aides in math homework, well sign me up for two! To learn a few helpful hints about working with chalkboard paint, visit the post here.

Melissa of Those Northern Skies has a fabulous link party called My Creative High. Last week for her creative high she posted about this whimsical art made from recyclables. I love it. It makes me want to run out and buy some Krylon for plastic and then raid a few recycle boxes. Visit here to read more about it.

These two pouches full of goodness were made by Michelle of Falafel & The Bee. She made the pouches as gifts for her teenage niece. I have two words for the fabric and they are bad-ass! fabulous use of a Halloween tablecloth! Visit her blog to see more pictures.

So what have you been crafting,sewing,baking,painting and building these days? Shaer with us. The rules are simple,link up your project below and visit the link previous to you and leave a fabulous comment. Too easy right? I know! If you need more of a challenge, you could always add my button to your post as well.