Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How To - Refashioned Pants to Toddler Skirt + Vest

Happy Tuesday! To celebrate this very spring-like-but-not-spring day, instead of going outside and enjoying the fresh air (I know! Bad mommy!) I put together a very photo heavy photo tutorial. If you remember the denim skirt refashioning I did last week...I think it was last week...I said that I might be able to rig up a tutorial, well I managed to photograph the same process this weekend. The skirt is not denim and the pleats are not plaid but it photographed nicely and I am ridiculously proud of my efforts. Check it out!


It is made from a pair of stretch corduroy pants that were from Wednesday's big booty cloth diaper days, some flannel remnants and a second pair of cords that I had originally hacked for the project and cut too short off the hop. But, aside from a wonky shoulder seam in the vest, I have to say I have outdone myself. I have never attempted anything like this and with much patience it turned out awesome. AWESOME! I buttonholed for the first time, sewed on flat pockets for the time, MADE A VEST for the first time, made and attached bows for the first time. I learned so many thing making this vest. Did I mention it was awesome? Okay, on to the construction instructions!

Skirt Materials:

Pair of old pants
Fabric for pleating (3x the circumference of cut off pants + 6 inches just in case)
Chosen embellishments (if any)

Vest materials:
Pattern (I used this one from BurdaStyle.com it was free and had easy to follow directions)
Fabric for outer and lining, can be the same.
Buttons x 3
Fabric for pockets (I used pant legs which I show you how to do below.)
Embellishments of choice

Aquire pants.



Edge stitch.

Super quick video on how to make pleats.
For those who know how, this is where you would make them.

Flip and pin.


Turning out to re-pin.

Sew your little heart out.

Match up your pleats ends.


I made the bows late last night so I did not take photos. They were super simple though. With right sides together sew a rectangle measuring twice the length you want your bow to be. Leave an inch to turn out. Turn out and top stitch. To make bow center fold a piece of fabric in half, open and fold edges into the center and fold again. Stitch down middle if small, sides if wide. Sew right side ends together and then turn right side out. Pull rectangle through the loop you just made and voila! You have a neat little bow.

Cut bottom.
Cut bottom off one pant leg. Then cut side seams off.
Now you have two pieces of fabric with one finished side each.

Fold & Pin.
Turn over and fold to shape your pocket, I have given you an example but whatever works for you is fine. Pin and press.

I won't go into detail on the vest construction because it is done so well with the pattern. Just REMEMBER to sew these onto the front of your vest before you sew the front to the lining. I sewed my bow on after it was all done, a few hand stitches at the center and in each corner to keep it laying flat.

Skirt and Vest Collage

The entire affair was inspired by the pink cords I cut too short and Easter. The plan was to make a pretty little Easter outfit. I think I succeeded. It is a bit on the warm side being made of flannel, but 'round these parts Spring does not always mean warmth. And doesn't it look great with the pink rubber cowgirl boots?!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me! Until next time, happy sewing!

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