Friday, June 17, 2011

Reader Question : Any Good Moving Box DIYs?

tiaras-tumblr asked:
I have a bunch of boxes from where I just moved and I'm not sure what to do with them. Got any ideas of any D.I.Y.?
Yes, yes I do! Well, they are not my ideas, more like my suggestions after some super fun Googling. :)
Tell me this shelf is not gorgeous? The one pictured is made by Leo Kempf but a DIY version can be found here at Instructables.

Cardboard Lamps made by Joe Manus of Shiner International. Made in Atlanta Georgia. Found via I don't have a DIY link but I am sure with some thought and research you could Jimmy-rig yourself up a couple.
For the craftier sort of DIY's:

To make this show stopping recycled vase and bouquet visit Inspiration&Realisation.

At first I thought these little pretties were a wall installation, but in fact they are magnets! So cute! For the how to click here for the PDF link.

Romantic bird houses are easily made with glue, paint and lace. Source: This Recycled Life.
For the more artistically gifted or adventurous sort of DIY'er you could also try your hand at sculpting with cardboard.

With layered flat cardboard like Chris Gilmour.

Or blended like paper pulp and then sculpted like clay and finished like wood. This AMAZING table was made in Domingos Tótora's studio, Maria da Fe, Brazil

For some truly inspiring cardboard pieces of design and sculpture visit this post at
I hope this post was both helpful and inspirational! I had so much fun writing it up, and now I am on the hunt for some boxes! Cheers,M.