Friday, October 22, 2010

Sew What! Holidays Challenge Two Reveal! + Reader Showcase

Happy Friday folks! Today, This post will be somewhat picture heavy as I am combining my reveal with a few reader's reveals plus my cohort's photos! Alright, way to much to do today so lets get started!

Front & BackscarfBack Pockets
I hope I am not disqualified. I made...another refashioned denim skirt! I know...I know...technically not an outfit, but I do have a shirt I am in the middle of taking up that goes with it perfectly and when I have it done I'll take some action photos.
The skirt is from a pair of white jeans I bought off a dollar rack at a local consignment shop. They were just a smidge too tight and so I thought a skirt would be the perfect way to make them fit perfectly as with my last denim skirt. Not so much. The thing about a pencil skirt, versus a refashioning where you cut offf the legs and sew a 'tube' to the jeans is you actually need them to be one size too big instead of one size too small.
I say this because you have to undo the leg seams all the way to the fly and then pull the fabric together until you have a nice straight line to the bottom. Ditto with the back. So you end up taking away more butt room than your butt might like. Hopefully nothing a pair of circulation cutting off control top pantyhose can't fix though right?!
The skirt is really cute though and I think the grey silk scarf tied belt really softens it up nicely. And before you can ask "What is so holiday about this less than whole outfit?" I want to point out the silver stitching that came on the jeans. I took that silver and continued it down the front of the skirt for a bit of sparkle. Also, the top in refashioning limbo is white and silver and I am hoping to have it ready for a New Years Eve fiesta!
While I like my skirt, I LOVE love love The Sewing Dork, Cynthia's holiday outfit for her youngest daughter. Words cannot describe the utter awesomeness that is this. First off, it is a refashioning of a too small tunic. Second, it has the most adorable appliqueing, third look at those bloomers!! Love it, I hope she blows up a photo or two of V in this because the babe and the outfit are just too much!
Tavia, of Mama Tave, made these gorgeous hand warmers as an accessory to holiday outfits. Are they not just wonderful? I have been meaning to make some for about a year now, maybe I'll get a pair done before the snow flies here! From the sounds of it though, they are addictive!

bbq apron
A late entry to the Gift For Him challenge was submitted by email from Penny R. Her hubby recently received a BBQ for an anniversary present and she made him the smashing apron so he can now grill in style. I love the fabric choices.

Thanks for sewing along this far folks! Remember, Sew What! Holidays is on a two week haitus but that doesn't mean you have to take a break! We are just gearing up for Halloween and U.S. Thanksgiving. I finished my third challenge project yesterday and Holy crap! Does it look good. :) So for those of you who are joining late here is your chance to play catch up and for those of you have had some creative block going on, this is the time for you to recharge those juices!

For a quick rundown of projects and how to submit them visit this post here.
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