Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

I cannot believe my little girl is turning four! We're celebrating with lots of bubbles! Last year's Mad Hatter Tea Party was such a hit, I worry I set the bar too high for any parties since. Ahh well, at least Captain Awesome can't call me a party mom this year...I hope.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Reader Question : Simple and Inexpensive Dorm Storage Ideas

musicxmylove asked:
So happy I found this blog! I am going to be studying abroad soon and cannot bring a lot with me and won't have any extra furniture except for what is included in my room. Do you have any easy and inexpensive do it yourself storage ideas for dorm rooms? If it's something that can be recycled later when I fly home or takes up very little room in a suitcase would be great. Maybe something reusing cardboard or other recycled materials that I could get for free? 

Hey there! Sorry this took awhile to answer but there are a lot of photos and posts to sift through. I really wanted to give you some super practical ideas.
 Below are some ideas made with recycled and/or super cheap materials. While I am not sure how many you could pack back up, given the relative cheapness of materials you could give them away and people would be happy to use them likewise, you can recycle a lot of the materials as well. So, that being said let's see what I found!
First storage option: string. String is cheap (You can almost always find a handful somewhere free.) and fits any sized room. Create a gorgeous photo banner wherever you room and room mate will let you. Found via Dorm Design.
Cearal box magazine (Notebook, binder) holders. Grab a cereal box and cover with pretty paper or fabric. Although this won't fit in your suitcase I bet someone would be happy to have them when you're done. Full how to at The Wicker House.
This was one of the very first DIYs I posted here at Storage geek and I still love the idea. Add some cardboard dividers to some cookie tines (You know your Mom has at least three kicking around.) and voila, instant (stack-able) desk caddy! Full how to at Design Sponge.
Have some chain and a few hangers? Now you have an instant mud room or extra closet. Chain is cheap you can buy it in plastic or metal at hardware stores but you could also probably find some on  if you asked nice enough. Hangers well, I am sure you can put a few of those in your suitcase when you head over. Found via Apartment Therapy.
Another fabulous bit of recycling here. Can cubbies make great storage because they are free and come in a variety of sizes from the small tomato paste size to the giant tomato ketchup size. Ask a local restaurant to sort through their recyclables, you'd be amazed at how many cans and glass jars you will find! The how to on this pretty system can be found at Leethel.
Have cork and pushpins? You now have necklace storage. Bonus, you can bring this with you or back with you since they pack up so nice and flat in your suitcase. Photo from Pretty in the Desert.
If you sew I found two great projects that could come in super handy and fold up nicely.
These denim wall pockets made by Flickr member Made by Beag would be invaluable as an organizer for everything from desk supplies to toiletries. Made out of recycled denim makes this project cost a whopping zero dollars.
I love this laundry bag. While you don't have to make one this elaborate (But if you do you can find the tutorial here at Sew 4 Home.) But a sturdy laundry bag will be invaluable to you in your student living.
How awesome are these projects? I know! But, while Storage Geek is my name, and DIYs are my game decorating is a very personal (and uysually drawn out process for me) so if you would like to see some great dorm deco may I direct your attention to a couple Tumblr blogs I found? Dorm Design and EFFyeahcooldormrooms Both of these blogs have pages and pages of great dorm rooms.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it inspired you. Thanks for asking such a fantastic question and I would love to see photos of what you make! Cheers,M.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

Wednesday helping her daddy in the garden like only a garden fairy can.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nuno Magazine : Rustle

Today is the first day of Summer! Huzaa! The weather has been amazing for all sorts of things like T-ball games, family picnics and gardening. But when it rains it pours right? And sometimes it is just too darn hot and sunny (SPF 700 anyone?) to be outside. So you know what I like to do then? Make pretty things. You too? Well then, you will love the digital magazine Nuno then.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nuno magazine it is a seasonal digital format (PDF only) magazine created by the talented sister duo Elizabeth and Rachel Abernathy. Nuno focuses on crafts and art created from recycled and found materials.Some of my favourite examples fromt his issue are:
This curvy clutch made from recycled linen.

And these gorgeous water colour butterflies made from recycled book pages.

Some of my favourite past projects include:

This knitted fern pillow (Pattern included in issue) from the premier issue fall 2010. Made from from recycled yarn. 

These beautiful "kokeshi doll inspired finger puppets" from the winter issue titled Shades of Gray had my gears turning. 

The latest issue Rustle is guaranteed not to disappoint. With projects like this beautiful crocheted Irish rose purse.
And at $3.75 how can you resist this 95 page ad free, independently published, beautifully photographed periodical? It's a steal! But for those of you who haven't the dollars to spare check out the three previews below complete with projects.

Click here to purchase the 95 page Spring 2011 Issue Rustle for $3.75.

Winter 2010/2011 Shades of Gray Issue Purchase the 125 page magazine here for five dollars.

Purchase the 150 page Fall 2010 issue here for five dollars.

For more great projects, tutorials, inspiration and vintage and artsy photo goodness, visit Elizabeth Abernathy's blog. For more photos and free projects from Nuno magazine, visit the website here.
Now I am going to grab a coffee and re-read my issues of Nuno.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reader Question : DIY Ring Storage & Display

ally74 asked you:
hello: i am a new follower and i really love a lot of ur ideas, i was wondering if u have any for storing rings! i have over 100 rings and i love to wear a different one every day most of them are chunky rings, do u have any idea's?
Thanks for following and thanks for the great question!
This one was a little bit trickier than when I did a post on chunky necklace storage. There are far fewer posts on ring storage, and even less DIY ring storage posts but I did find a couple absolutely awesome ones!
Easy peasy and super practical (Not to mention eco friendly) is this egg carton displays from Whimsy Love. Not only to they display each ring perfectly but thy make great storage for your home (Label each carton with fat markers) or craft show booth. Bonus: Dust Free. Found via Etsy Handmade MN
These are black BEANS! I know super clever right? While they might be more practical for a craft show booth, it is a totally viable, practical and green solution for a dressing room table or dresser top. Photo belongs to Lean Dog Pottery & Jewelry and was found via Etsy Handmade MN
I think this is my favourite. Completely customizable in size (Most craft stores sell two three different sizes) and in finish (Have at 'er with Mod Podge and paint!) it hangs on the wall or sits on a dressing room table/dresser. C'est tres bon oui? Source: Punky Style
This super adorable cigar box holder was made by Stef with an old sweater folded accordion style. You needn't use a cigar box, you can use whatever sort of box you have laying around. Bonus: Dust Free. Full how to here @ Craftside.
Take a trip to your local dish washing aisle and you have some pretty adorable ring holders. While this is not practical for those of you with dozens of rings (Lucky ladies!) this is great for those of us with much more modest collections. Visit the how to here at Dana's Fashion Blog.
Some of you may recognize this photo from Tumblr user Legally Crafty (She has some great DIYs). A simple chocolate box turned ring storage is very eco chic (And I bet it smells divine every time you open it!). Bonus: Dust Free.
Last but not least we have the clear pocket hanging organizer. While not super fun in a crafty recycling sort of way it is super efficient storage. For those of use with next to no storage space, slim solutions like these are both dust free and see through making it a very practical choice.
And that concludes our lesson for today class! I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for the super duper question! As always, I love to answer them (Even though they might take me awhile.) So keep them coming! Cheers,M.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reader Question : Any Good Moving Box DIYs?

tiaras-tumblr asked:
I have a bunch of boxes from where I just moved and I'm not sure what to do with them. Got any ideas of any D.I.Y.?
Yes, yes I do! Well, they are not my ideas, more like my suggestions after some super fun Googling. :)
Tell me this shelf is not gorgeous? The one pictured is made by Leo Kempf but a DIY version can be found here at Instructables.

Cardboard Lamps made by Joe Manus of Shiner International. Made in Atlanta Georgia. Found via I don't have a DIY link but I am sure with some thought and research you could Jimmy-rig yourself up a couple.
For the craftier sort of DIY's:

To make this show stopping recycled vase and bouquet visit Inspiration&Realisation.

At first I thought these little pretties were a wall installation, but in fact they are magnets! So cute! For the how to click here for the PDF link.

Romantic bird houses are easily made with glue, paint and lace. Source: This Recycled Life.
For the more artistically gifted or adventurous sort of DIY'er you could also try your hand at sculpting with cardboard.

With layered flat cardboard like Chris Gilmour.

Or blended like paper pulp and then sculpted like clay and finished like wood. This AMAZING table was made in Domingos Tótora's studio, Maria da Fe, Brazil

For some truly inspiring cardboard pieces of design and sculpture visit this post at
I hope this post was both helpful and inspirational! I had so much fun writing it up, and now I am on the hunt for some boxes! Cheers,M.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday (Or Thursday)

For this week's installment of Wednesday on Wednesday I was going to share with you some wonderful photos of Wednesday helping her daddy in the garden dressed in her faery princess skirt and looking incredibly adorable. But, last night we went to a fun fair for Wednesday's nursery school and there was face painting. I know you're thinking "That's nice..?" Well it was, but this was nicer:

 Only Wednesday goes to a face painting booth and gets her feet painted.

First thing this morning she insisted o more face paint. So Daddy obliged her, water colours mostly come off...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storage Geek on Facebook

Hey guys! I finally made a page for Storage Geek on Facebook! But, before they'll give me a address I need twenty five likes. Could you guys be dearies and click THIS link and like me? I'd really appreciate it!
Cheers, M♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

Good morning! I know I am a couple weeks behind with this but things got pretty hectic around here what with nursery school, T-ball and well...summer! That's right, Captain Awesome and I are parents to a little leaguer. We found a great program that does T-ball for six weeks and then soccer for six weeks and we couldn't be having more fun. Well, most of the time, I mean it is like herding cats right? But cute! Oh my goodness the cute. I took a ridiculous amount of photos at her first game and so it took me forever to sort through them. I'll of course keep this post to a minimum but prepare for the cute!

Checkin' it all out.
The cute! It hurts!
In toddler preschool t-ball there are no strikes, no outs and every hit is a home run. I heart it.
In Wednesday's world there is always time for a little song and dance.
A little action.
The fruit of their labours. The kids only make it through the four innings because they know at the end there will be iced treats at the end.

We have since been to a couple games and it is so much fun, for us and her. We have some close friends with kids in the same league as well as a close mom friend of mine and a playmate of Wednesday right on her team so that is always nice. As well, Ron is amazing he helps the kids and keeps Wednesday on track I think he should be a coach next year.

Do you have children in organized sports? Have any tips for us newbie parents?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How To : Rock N' Roll Ballet Flats

Whoo! *Kicks tumbleweeds aside* I'm back! And with a tutorial no less! Have a looksie at a super fun how to I did up today!
Last summer I found a couple pairs of ballet flats at Wal-Mart for nine or ten bucks a pair so I thought I would be cool and grabbed two pair (One black and one purple) well, not five minutes into wearing the first pair I got the beginnings of a blister. Gosh darnit! I was stubborn though, instead of taking back the unworn pair and donating the other I kept them. The first pair I carefully removed the grosgrain ribbon and voila! No blisters except now I had a very boring pair of shoes. Which also looked a little unfinished. So the two pair sat in my to-do box for a year until I could figure out how to use them. Enter Ebay and the awesome cone studs I found. I couldn't wait to attach those bad boys to my girly shoes and when I did, I was in love.
Now they are not only much more comfortable they are cute too! Also, I found that with the studs, the stitching holes worked perfectly.
They were super easy to make. The hardest part is getting your hands on these little babies. I bought mine from an Ebay seller called Crush Crush, I think they also have an Etsy account but don't quote me on that. I bought ten and I wish now I had bout a hundred (Instead of the pyramid studs that I can't seem to lay straight!) they are so much fun to use.
Step 1: Using a razor blade or seam ripper remove sewn in trim. (Mine was gros grain ribbon.)
Step 2: Remove bow (Or other decoration), again I use a razor blade as mine was sewn on.
Step 3: To colour in the vinyl, I just used a black Sharpie, if your shoes are more colourful may I suggest a coordinating fabric marker?
Step 4: Thanks to the threaded bottom of the stud, all you need to do to fasten one to your object is make a hole big enough for the threaded bit to fit through and screw the cone stud on top. Easy peazy lemon squeezey!
I really think they turned out fabulous. Just a little bit of rock and roll for this soccer mom you know what I mean?
I haven't quite decided what to do with the purple pair yet, I am thinking a bright contrasting ribbon of yellow or orange woven around the edge, not sure but I'll share them when I get to it.

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I know my blogging has seen less sporadic days but I am trying to figure things out! Thanks for sticking with me and thanks to my new followers as well! ♥ M