Friday, October 29, 2010

Fabulous Five! Coraline Edition

Around these parts we love Coraline. We probably watch it (And by we I mean Wednesday and I) once a week. It is the most perfect rainy day movie ever. Have you seen it? Have you read it? If you have done neither, I wholeheartedly recommend both! For anyone who loves the idea of a magical other dimension-quest-sort of movie with a hint of darkness (Much like Labyrinth, Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Mirrormask) this movie is just what you ordered! The book reads really well, and quickly since it is a novella rather than a full length novel.

I thought Coraline was fairly Halloween-y (Especially since I wanted to be her for Halloween!) and would fit right in for the bi-weekly Fabulous Five. The following is five simply awesome ideas/crafts/art I found that relates to Coraline.

First up...what is a post about Coraline without a handmade Coraline doll? This one is made by Sew Lolita of Etsy and I think it is just gorgeous. The book does not have a doll in it which was only weird at first (Because I watched the movie first) it added lots to the movie but the book definitely did not suffer for lack of it.

 For those of you that have seen the movie did you not absolutely love Coraline's sweater made by The Other Mother? I did! And when I found this version on Etsy knitted by Catwalk 7 I fell in love. For those of you who can knit yourselves (You lucky lucky people) you can download the pattern for the actual sweater (knitted for the Coraline puppet) here.

This Other Mother Box made by donovanbeeson @ Instructibles is awesome. Apparently when Coraline was about to hit theatres, fifty bloggers were sent this version. Not one to be left out, Donavan Beeson created their own and an instructible to go along with it. If you decide to make one will you show me?

They're good for lost things, or bad things. (Depending on whom you ask.) This Candy Stone made by belleazure of Etsy looks just like the one Coraline uses in both the book and the movie to find the eyes/souls of the ghost children. I need want would like one in my Christmas stocking!

And although this is not a prop related I would just love love this cake made by see-through-silence of Deviant Art. Just in case you are wondering, my birthday is in July!

I think my favourite character in the movie is Mr. Bobinsky. I loved him and his accent. I couldn't find an embeddable clip of the scene I wanted but I walk around saying it all the time in his accent too of course.: "I am the Amazing Bobinsky! But you can call me Mr. B because amazing I already know that I am."

And you? What is your favourite scene from the movie or book? Do have a preference? Do you have any fan art you love or make? I don't but I hope to make a doll soon. ♥