Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

Good afternoon! And what a good afternoon it is! The sun is shining, birds are singing and I can here children playing outside. It is Wednesday which means it is time to show off Wednesday doing Wednesday things...outside! because April is The Great Outdoor Adventure Challenge month. This is where we make time to go outside and get some exercise, trying to commune with nature but most importantly bonding with our children whilst breathing fresh air!

We did not make it outside on Thursday as I mentioned, Wednesday was just not up to it. And even the days following we didn't stay outside long (Half an hour, forty five minutes tops) because she tired quickly with the fresh air and exercise, but we did make it out every day! Although I forgot my camera yesterday. I have a picture of her playing in an indoor sandbox but I don't think that counts ;) You will just have to believe me when I say we went for a very nice, leisurely stroll in the neighborhood. And Saturday's trip to the park, missing for some reason...but here are some of my favourites from this week regardless!

MMmm sunshine!
Rolling in the grassy sunshine on Friday.

Playing Hopscotch
Learning how to Hopscotch on Sunday.

Saturday Fresh Air
Smellin' the good stuff on Monday.

Brilliant bush
Examining a serious infusion of colour in the scenery today.

Have you gone outside to play lately?

All you have to do is go outside! And take a picture...but even that is optional.