Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sew What! Holidays Challenge One Reveal!

Challenge One : Gift For Him
So, true to form I made this one right before all my time was up. Cynthia emailed me asking what time I was going to make this post and I hadn't even made the project yet! But, I got down to business and thanks to both nap time and Daddy distractions I got it done!

Finshed rolled tied 1
It started off as an idea for the spring when I was doing my Denim-Stravaganza. But because The Mister kept forgetting ot bring me home the wrenches for proper measurement it never did get made. Well, when Cynthia suggested a "gift for him" as the first idea I thought she was a genius. But I also thought that now was the time to make the tool roll. Again I waited and waited for the wrenches. Finally two days before the reveal I just went ahead and made it. I even took process photos for a tutorial this Tuesday.

Denim Tool Roll

I made the roll from two legs of jeans and a chunk of upcycled canvas. (I bought it at a charity shop and I am pretty sure it was a curtain panel in it's former life.) With no real plan except the basic dimensions (Which I gleaned from a tool catalogue.) I made this in about two hours. I love it. I will be making more. Just think of all the paint brushes, art pencils, knitting needles and crochet hooks that need storing! Also, scissors I have a nice scissor collection and I think this is a great way to both store them and have (all of) them ready when I need them.

To see what Cynthia The Sewing Dork made for a man in her life click on the button below!">Sewing Dork Button
If you are playing along, all you need to do to submit your creations is one of the following:
  1. Upload a picture to your flickr account and add it to The Sewing Dork Showcase
  2. Leave a link in a comment on this blog or at The Sewing Dork's
  3. Email (I have a button on my sidebar) us with the photos or a link to the photos or blog post.
We will be doing reader submission posts through the next month and a half. And please Do Not Fret if you can't make a deadline, we are happy to share your work whenever you finish it. I think I showed a readers work a full month after the last edition.

Okay, now to reveal this week's challenge! A Holiday Outfit!

This outfit can be for anyone! You, your little one or your mister, it is up to you to whom you dedicate your time to.
Also, as a reader asked me earlier, it can also be for Halloween. We are not rule crazy here. If making a costume fits better into your schedule than something sparkly for Christmas or New Years by all means have at 'er!
I do believe that is all she wrote folks! So tune in on Tuesday to find out how to make the Denim Tool Roll pictured above, and come back on Thursday for the first Reader Submission Showcase! And, if you don;t have one, would like one, and feel like sporting one on your blog here is a button just for those purposes! (Well that and they are just fun to make!)