Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You Vancouver for an Incredible Olympic Games!

The 2010 Olympic games are officially over. It is almost with a heavy heart that I type this. I had so much fun! And, like Bill Plaschke wrote in his article Canada is a Winter Games Wonderland written for the LA Time "For two weeks, you lived your anthem..." I did. We did. We were determined, successful, generous in spirit, welcoming hosts and patriotic to the core. We were with each athlete every step of the way and we cried tears of joy and tears of loss for every win and every almost-but-not-quite. We jumped out of our seats for the goals and the golds. We Twittered and Facebooked everything that we loved about those seventeen days. We traded our apathy in for honest to goodness caring and concern for everyone involved from athletes, to families of to spectators and everyone else and in between. And it was AWESOME!

Every morning I awoke and this is the first thing I checked, even before my email! Because of our time zone differences, we often won (and didn't win) our medals long after my bedtime. So when I awoke I would go here and check to see what our new medal tally was. It was awesome to see us gaining on Germany and the USA four at a time in the end. And then when me made history with our fourteen gold medals I was overjoyed. This widget was great because with each new medal you just click on your country and it tells you who won the latest events. What countries, what teams, what athletes, what medals. It makes me just a little sad that it no longer tallies. But, that is not to say that I am not incredibly proud and impressed with Canada's final score of twenty six hard earned medals.

I would find videos, and articles that made me both weep (I cried at least twice a day during the Olympics) and laugh and just revel in the joy that is the Olympics. Like this Red Mitten Flash Mob video. I Love it. It just screams lets be happy for happy. And it made me happy.

And when Joannie Rochette won bronze in Women's Free Skate. To overcome the grief of losing her mom just days before to skate the two best skates of her life and end up on the podium. Winning a medal in an event packed full of phenoms from every country is an accomplished in of itself but to do it through the grief, wow. Not just wow though, she took home the Terry Fox award for her efforts and triumphs. Go Team Canada!

I am tempted to embed the golden goal video from the Canada-USA hockey game but I am sure many of you have already seen it. Let's just say I was dancing around here like a fool for a couple hours! Instead, I will leave you with a different sort of skating video, one more like Blades of Glory than the 2010 Olympics but still awesome!

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See you in Russia!!!!!!!!!