Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To : Denim Barrette and Flower

Hello there! I am just pleased as punch to show off what I made last week!This post has been like money burning a hole in my pocket!


You might recognize the fabrics from a little outfit I made?

skirt collage

Well, the colour combination of lemon yellow and over-dyed blue denim was just, well memorable. And when I was contemplating what hair accessory to make to go with it, it was a natural choice of the same denim and yellow.

My Creative Space

So I scrounged, and I mean scrounged for the last remaining pieces of those blue jeans. And let me tell you, toddler size skinny jeans do not render much scrap fabric! But, I managed to find two pieces big enough to cover a few barrettes. And they really do look wonderful don't they?

I looked around at some tutorials, but nobody seamed to make their barrettes the same way I did, so I am posting my process photos as a tutorial. Seriously, I love these and I couldn't be more happy with the result.

Snap clips (I used 2")
Scrap fabric (I used denim and a vintage sheet)
Coordinating embroidery floss
Mod Podge
Hot glue

barrette piecesglue poloroid
stitchpre post trim

My creation
My creation

And there you have it folks! Pretty and simple one of my favourite combos! But, I do have a couple things to add as a kind of afterward.
  • Stitching through wet Mod Podge will gum up your needle a bit but it is a little easier than stitching through hardened glue. You can try to use hot glue in place of Mod Podge but I cannot tell you how easy (or not) it is to sew through.
  • I did add a piece to the back with Mod Podge, I added it as an after thought right before I stitched it, that is why it has a flower on it in the photo, I didn't take a picture of it until the end.
  • If you need bigger pictures with bigger print you can always either click on the photo to be taken to a larger size or you can visit the Flickr photo set here, also done as a tutorial.
Thanks so much for taking a look! I hope you like it as much as I do. Cheers and happy crafting!