Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Creative Space - Practice makles Perfect...or at least passable

I can't seem to decide if it is a Craft Fail or not?

On Monday, I had a dinner to go to and even had a brand new top ensemble to wear. But, the outfit needed a necklace. A big chunky one. But alas, all my great accessories are in storage. So I thought, I am crafty, I have good taste, I can make one! Not so much.

Is it just me? Do I just have trouble getting used to the not-beaded-or-metal-but-is-still-real-jewelery look? Should i keep trying? This piece did inspire me to make a couple more. And I did learn some things. Like weight distribution both literally (As in the heaviest part of the piece will hang at the lowest point and drive you nuts if you didn't design it that way.) and aesthetically. As in asymmetrical is okay, but you are walking a fine line between it and just plain odd looking.

also, yo yos and buttons? As much as I like it, I just don't know if it is too cute. And cute was not what I was going for. Ah well, the important hings is I tried, and that lace is totally re-usable!

Have you been to My Creative Space @ Kirsty's aka Kootoyoo? Shame on you if you haven't!

Wednesday on Wednesday

Just a pre-note (is that even proper English?) For the rest of April, I will be using Wednesday on Wednesday posts to both show off my brilliant daughter and plugging the Great Outdoor Challenge. I will use Wednesday's posts to show my favourite photos from Wednesday through Tuesday. One each from each day. :) Since I showed my lot Monday today I'll show you my favourites from yesterday (Tuesday).

Hiding from Mommy.